LOL News: Donald Trump Invited ‘Zardari’ In His Inauguration Instead Of ‘Nawaz Sharif’

Donald Trump won America and became the 45th President of United States Of America defying all odds. It was a huge victory for him two months ago on 8th November 2016, where he defeated Hilary Clinton. The Trump’s victory was the biggest coincidence of the century, now he is all ready to take oath on January 20th in Washington. Trump will take charge and President Barrack Obama shall leave the White House soon. He has announced a number of personalities from all over the world on the inauguration, but the shocking news is from Pakistan, he has summoned some other ONLY politician instead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Do you know his name? So, Donald Trump invited ‘Zardari’, yes none other than PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari.

donald trump invited 'Zardari'

Asif Zardari must be very happy & what about Nawaz Sharif? Something is fishy!

A senior PPP leader said that, “Bilawal has also been invited, but he may not go due to party engagement. Zardari will not be in the US for long.” The confidante of the party co-chairman said that Zardari would also go for medical checkup in the US. “This relates to some rumors that he was going abroad for medical check-up. He is likely to undergo a medical checkup during the US trip.”

After all the discussions, we should know that Donald Trump invited ‘Zardari’, so he has left for Dubai. From where he will catch his next flight to the US. He has given very high protocol, because he is also going to attend the farewell dinner of President Barack Obama on February 2nd 2017.

According to the sources, the main agenda of Donald Trump invited ‘Zardari’ is to sort out the relations between Pakistan and the US. The meetings, dinner and the checkup of Asif Ali Zardari will be done before the first week of February ends. And he is expected to return back to Pakistan in the same week.

What’s their plan? Do they really want to make the relationship stronger?

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