Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

First of all stop worrying about your weight because it won’t help you in losing it. So stop frustrating about it, and take out your frustration on the track and lose some wight.Don’t lose your mind,lose your weight. Keep a few things in your mind and you can do wonders. I, myself have lost a lot of weight in just a month by following some simple steps.

Drink water

Drink a lot of water before meals. It will lessen your appetite and boost up your metabolism. But do not drink water right after or between the meals. Replace all the sweetened drinks with water.

benefits of water

Cut down on sugar

Cut down on sugar. Avoid fizzy drinks, drink water instead. Use brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar. Avoid cakes and other sweets as they contain a great amount of sugar.

cons of sugar

No Oil

Reduce the consumption of oil. If you really need to use oil, then use olive oil. I used to eat chicken cooked in water only and trust me it tastes amazing.Or grains cooked in a small amount of olive oil.

drawbacks of oil


Replace white bread and white rusk with bran bread and rusk. You will get used to with the taste of it slowly.


bran benefits

Don’t skip meals

Don’t skips meals. Reduce your quantity of food. Use a small plate and take small meals after every few hours.


healthy food


Increase your intake of protein. Eat food rich with protein like eggs, meat, grains and nuts etc.

high protein food


Exercise is must for losing weight. You can not expect to shed weight with just dieting. You have to exercise. Focus on the parts which make you feel fat. Swimming and jogging are best exercises to lose weight. You can try zumba too, a form of dance and is highly effective.

healthy diet exercise

Vegetables and fruits

Eat fresh and raw vegetables. Whenever you feel hungry you can eat a cucumber. Guava and peaches are best for dieting. Apple also reduces your appetite. One fruit a day or two are okay.


healthy fruits and vegetables

Green tea

Green tea helps in losing weight but it does not mean you can eat everything you want and drink a cup of green tea afterwards. It won’t be of any help. Drink green tea along with your diet and exercise. You can add some lemon in it too. Green tea increases your metabolism.

green tea best diet


Walk after every meal. Just a 15 walk is adequate. You can lose a pound in weak if you walk briskly after every meal. Walking is man’s best medicine. Make it a part for your daily routine.

healthy walk


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