Dream About The Finest 5 Star Restaurants

Dream about the finest 5 star restaurants? – May be on a beach or high above on mountains, or in the most romantic cities around the globe (read Paris). Careful for what you wish for! THERE IS MORE!!!

The world doesn’t stop at finest restaurants in exotic locations. Here is a couple of food items so expensive which get you wondering if it’s really true.


most expensive food

One of the most sought after delicacies and famous among the riches is, caviar. These tiny small things are actually eggs of fish. One of finest will cost you £24,000 a tin.

The frozen haute chocolate

The frozen haute chocolate

The most expensive desert is made from 28 different and most expensive cocoas. Served with edible gold and in a goblet lined with edible gold, this sundae is definitely a ‘princely’ treat.

Civet coffee

Civet coffee expensive

This £325 a cup of coffee is made from coffee beans, which has already passed through the system of south Asian palm civet.


sushi expensive movie

Fan of this famous dish? Try the most expensive there is, wrapped with gold leaf and served with caviar, pearls and a diamond. This sushi is made by Angelito Araneta, a Filipino chef, which cost about $2000 for five pieces.


safron expensive food

Saffron which is used in coloring food is derived from a flower: crocus sativus. This delicate spice is dried and sold for $8000 a kg!

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