Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is around the corner, here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that you can make from a few easily available things. Take a look!

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams from the Adams family values.  All you need is a black dress which almost everyone of us have, a dark lipstick and some hair gel for the hair ties. The hardest part is braiding your hair. Plus, you get to frown and be emo all night.

Wednesday adams

Scary Little girls

Any dress, some red paint and black school shoes and you are ready.

scary little girls

Weeping angel

Weeping angel from Doctor WHO or the white nun from American horror story is a scary and easy costume. Some white clothe, white and black paint. That is all.

Halloween deas


Jigsaw from the SAW series. Things you need are black pant and coat, a red bow, red lipstick and some paints.

best halloween ideaThe Joker

The joker from Batman is i guess the most favorite character and it is very easy to dress up as The Joker.

joker for halloween

Gift from God

Haha, i actually loved this one. Such an easy and lazy idea and it is brilliant. The costume does not need to be scary every time.

halloween costume

The Wolverine

If you have a great body to flaunt then this is the character you should dress up as. Girls love the Wolverine.

The Wolverine getup

Share with us more Halloween costume ideas. Have a spooky night 😀

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