Economical Restaurants In Lahore You Should Visit

Lahore is known as one of the largest cities of Pakistan, not only this, it is also referred as the cultural heart of Pakistan. It is famous because of rich heritage, traditions, places, people and yes because of amazing food. Lahore has incredible restaurants and you can also go through the economical restaurants in Lahore having variety of cuisines.

You can visit cafes, restaurants, fast food places there like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Bundu Khan and many more. The interesting thing is that many restaurants and cafes are located in one place so you will not face any difficulty in finding so. In this article, we have gathered the economical restaurants in Lahore you should visit at least once.

1. McDonald’s

We can’t forget McDonald’s while talking about the economical restaurants in Lahore. There are many deals which will give you pleasure in a very less money like breakfast, extra value meals, value meals, happy menu, happy meals, drinks and also desserts. You can choose according to your budget and taste, because McDonald’s is offering what everyone wants.

economical restaurants in lahore2. Paradise

This restaurant is located in Liberty, the famous market of Lahore. From shawarma to desi chargha, you can’t get rid of the rich taste they are offering. The sitting arrangement is very fine for you to enjoy with your loved ones or with your bigger family. In a very small budget, you can try this restaurant because in very less rates, they are giving what true Lahoris love.

paradise restaurant lahore

3. Pancake Lounge

From pancakes to the delicious platters, Pancake Lounge is the perfect place for those on a budget. If you want lunch or dinner, then sausage rolls, mini-pizzas or lasagna are the best treats. Other than this, you must try pancakes for an impeccable breakfast. Moreover, the dessert like pastries, pies, hazelnut brownie and malt cake will make you even more hungry.

pancake lounge food

4. Saddle Ranch

Having a tight budget? Don’t forget to list down Saddle Ranch as one of the economical restaurants in Lahore. The Saddle Ranch is the small restaurant with the ranch theme and followed the fresh food. If you go there, must try the Rodeo Highway Burger and Honey Mustard Burger. The specialty of this restaurant is based on burgers, steaks and sandwiches.

saddle ranch economical food

5. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

To feel fun and enjoy the taste, KFC is enough, which offers you fresh and crispy food all over the Pakistan. Not only food, the fun and party are the other feature of this restaurant. Like all other restaurants, KFC is also in the list of economical restaurants in Lahore, which provides you food in less rates. So Mithao Bhook with the KFC deals and order it now.

kfc in lahore pakistan

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