“AAO JAMA KAREIN INSANIYAT KE LIYE”: Edhi Foundation Joined Hands With Coca Cola For Ramadan Donations Campaign

Buy Coca-Cola bottle and donate to Edhi Foundation for Ramadan funds. Yes, you can help through this. Pakistan’s leading humanitarian organization Edhi Foundation joined hands with Coca Cola for Ramadan donations campaign. It’s the first traditional Ramzan fundraising project without the founder Abdul Sattar Edhi, who died a year ago.

coca cola partnering with edhi foundation

The general manager of Coca Cola Pakistan and Faisal Edhi, son of Edhi met on Wednesday to start the new venture, which aims to collect maximum donations through a campaign “Bottle of Change”. Once a person buys the bottle of Coca Cola, a small percentage of money will be transferred to the Edhi foundation.

edhi foundation campaign for ramzan donations

Buy a Bottle of Change!

Son of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi shared his thoughts on this campaign according to Daily Times. He said, “The main message of the campaign is to appeal public consciousness will simply be that Edhi Sahab’s legacy and mission must carry on. While the people of Pakistan have always supported the Edhi Foundation throughout the year, the holy month of Ramazan has traditionally been the time of the year when public support has reached a peak, and donations to the Foundation, both zakat and non-zakat, have registered huge increase.”

buy coca cola bottle of change

“After the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, 20 to 30 per cent revenue of the foundation has declined. Therefore, we decided to extend our hand to be a partner with Coca-Cola for the sustainability of the great work. Coca-Cola’s immense expertise and experience in creating a huge momentum for any cause will greatly help the Foundation in its Ramazan fundraising drive.”

edhi foundation joined hands with coca cola

Edhi Foundation joined hands with Coca Cola and the limit of doubling the donations for Ramadan is up to Rs 25 million. Faisal Edhi appreciated the association of Coca Cola with all the nonprofit organizations in the past.

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As we know, Edhi Sahb lived his whole life in modesty by helping others through the largest welfare organization of Pakistan. Now it’s our duty keep to his legacy and mission alive.

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