Eid-ul-Azha 2016: 10 Types Of People You Meet On Bakra Eid

Eid-ul-Azha 2016 Mubarik, people are celebrating with the true spirit of happiness, sacrifice, passion and the love around the globe. We all know that Eid-ul-Fitar is about the Eidi and the sweet dishes, on the other hand, Eid-ul-Azha is definitely for the true meat lovers. Every Muslim in the world celebrates this day for the sake of Allah, but the day doesn’t stop here. Everyone come across many things and situations on this day and the utterly annoying stuff is people you meet on Bakra Eid.

There are some people, who give us many things to remember on this day and these memories are really exciting. So Eid is here, you should get ready for these people as this might be your first time. Here is the list of 10 types of people you meet on Bakra Eid. Have a look!

1. That person who loves to announce every time he meets anyone “Maine Bhi Qurbani Ki Hai”. Is it the day to show off?

people you meet on bakra eid

2. The uncle next door, who acts like a judge and continues to ask the price of every animal. For him, he is the only expert in buying animals for Bakra Eid.

annoying neighbours on eid

3. The annoying kids who want to live with the Bakra for every single moment.

annoying- kids on eid

4. The girl who can only vomit this day, because she can’t bear the smell.

girl vomit on bakra eid

5. The over excited person for the meat and especially for the Tikka’s.

over excited person for bbq

6. The guy who will definitely put selfie with his animal.

selfies on bakra eid

7. The tantrums of Kasai, too difficult to handle.

annoying kasai on bakra eid

8. The one who wants chicken or vegetable on Bakra Eid.

chicken lover on bakra eid

9. That friend who loves to throw a BBQ party.

bbq party on eid

10. And the lovely one who doesn’t want to sacrifice his animal.

kids love animals on eid

Bakra Eid 2016 Mubarik to all the Muslims 🙂

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