Everybody’s Confused As There’s A Weird Smell In Karachi! Check Out What It Actually Was

With the vast population of approximately 20 million Karachi is known as the city of lights. It has a diverse culture and people with a brilliant mind and limitless languages and yes, it’s the largest city of Pakistan. From villages to the sea it has its own heritage and beauty. But the incident happened last night left this city in a confusing situation. People were surrounded by the weird smell in Karachi and social media were confused totally that where the smell is coming from.

strange smell in karachi has observed

People came up with mixed and funny reactions. What was it actually?

karachi is stinking

She is so much confused

atmosphere in karachi

A big lol

strange smell in karachi

Just think more…

karachi weather today

Humor in Karachi

karachi hit by weird smell

people comments over weird smell in karachi

Well, the mystery is solved and we know where the smell originated from.

According to Weather Updates PK, the weird smell in Karachi was due to the easterly wind shift. Somalian currents were very strong over the Arabian Sea and due to the presence of low-level circulation (LLC) off the coast of Karachi. As the wind reached towards the upper air levels, the city experienced the strange smell.

See this image so you can understand better.

weird smell in karachi

Source: Weather Updates PK

And this!

reason behind smell in karachi

Source: Facebook

So no more awful stuffs, because the matter is resolved!

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