Fahad Mustafa said ‘NO’ to Mahesh Bhatt for a Bollywood offer

bollywood director mahesh bhatt

The most famous host of Pakistan who is known to be as the best and versatile actor of not only the drama industry, but movie industry too is flying in the sky these days. This star was recently offered with an important role in an upcoming movie of bollywood director Mahesh bhatt but the actor refused to do the movie with him.

Listed among the few stars.

pakistani actors refused indian movies

There are a few stars in the whole Pakistani industry who are there to refuse the bollywood offers and this time the ‘na maloom afraad’ actor has listed his name among those actors. He has rejected to do the movie that has to be made under the production of Mahesh bhatt.

What did fahad Mustafa say.

fahad mustafa refused mahesh bhatt

Mustafa has recently claimed in an interview that he was offered an important role in a Mahesh bhatt movie but he has refused on the spot.

Fahad Mustafa about item numbers.

pakistani movies item song

Fahad Mustafa who is a very popular actor of the revived film industry of Pakistan too was asked about the trend of item numbers in Pakistani movie and he has responded about the item numbers in this way.

“There could be an item number in the movie and it may be harmless but it is definitely not necessary. It is up to the director at the end of the day. It is his call to decide if the movie needs it or not.”

He was recently interviewed by the media in which he has answered to these questions.

Reason behind refusing.

fahad mustafa reason behind refusing

He said that he is quite busy in his two upcoming projects for the Pakistani film industry. both the projects are scheduled to be released in the next year according to him.

Upcoming movies.

upcoming pakistani movie

The actor is nowadays busy in shooting for his upcoming movie “band tw ab bajay ga” to be directed by anjum shahzad. He has also disclosed that he is going to work in a movie to be directed by ali imran which is going to be a totally different movie from all other movies being made yet.

Fahad Mustafa after five years.

band tou bajay ga

It was questioned from him that where does he see himself after five years and he answered this question in this way:

“I don’t know if I will be doing any other game shows. What I do know for sure is that I will be making movies, producing them and will be doing acting in them.”

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