Father Killed His Daughter For Not Making ‘Gol Roti’

This incident took place in Lahore where a father had killed his 12 years old daughter just because the chappati she has made was not rounded in shape.

daughter killed by father

The girl was found dead outside Mayo Hospital Lahore after this wild attack of her father and brother as told by the sources.


Father Kills Daughter

Police told the media that the father and brother of the innocent girl had beaten her for not making proper chappatis in such a way that moved her to death, for hiding their crime they had dumped her body and filled case of kidnapping and murder.

Case By Father.

The body of the innocent girl was found in the area of New Anarkali. She was identified as Aniqa Khalid. Her father had already filled a case with the police that his daughter has been kidnapped.

Culprits Are Caught.

father killed her daughter

SSP of the area has made a special team to investigate this matter. The father and brother of the accused have been taken to the police station for the further investigation.

After such a happening in a country named “Pakistan” and in the country where more than 90 percent citizens are Muslims then this thing really makes ourselves ashamed to be a part of such a society where innocent children are dealt like this at their home and by their parents.

What was the fault of this innocent girl, she was so small, it was not her age of making proper chappatis or even doing proper cooking. Father and brother of the accused must be given such a punishment that this kind of incident never take place again in this country.

Confession By The Culprits.

aneeqa killed by father

It did not take long for the culprits to confess that they had brutally thrashed little Aniqa over a matter as trivial as not making gol rotis. The accused told the police that they tried to hide their crime and dumped the body and filed a false case of kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Khalid’s neighbours told the police that he was in habit of beating his wife and children.


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