Fawad Khan To Play The Role Of A ‘Gay’ In ‘Kapoor And Sons’

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Fawad Khan who is not only the superstar of Pakistan but now a well established and well known actor of bollywood is ready to come in his second movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’. In this movie he will be seen sharing screen with Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Rishi Kapoor. Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are real life couple too and this movie will revolve around the love triangle if trailer is believed. Keeping trailer aside, Fawad Khan who is playing the second lead actor in the movie has revealed something that is shocking not only for his fans but all the Pakistanis.

kapoor and sons love pics

Fawad Khan said that ‘kapoor and sons’ is not a love triangle.

When fawad khan was inquired about the storyline of the movie then he clearly told this thing that movie is not a sort of love triangle. It is completely different from what the trailer is showing.

Rishi Kapoor old look

The movie is about the dream of grandfather ‘Rishi Kapoor’.

The movie is just about the dream of a grandfather who wants to take a picture with his complete family, before he dies. This is the main scenario of the movie and for this dream, both the brother Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra will return back home forgetting their past problems.

Sidharth vs Fawad Khan

The scenarios of Past for the brothers Sidharth and Fawad Khan makes the story.

As both the brothers will return back home after so many years. One thing is worth watching in this case, that what was the reason that two brother have created distance from each other and were not even interested to listen each other names. This thing would be really interesting to know as Fawad Khan told the media.

When asked about the gay character Fawad said.

There were a lot of speculations about the role of Pakistani star in the movie. People were telling that he would be playing a gay character in the movie, Fawad Khan answered it like:

“I think everybody is gay, na? They say that everyone is gay somewhere. Whatever has been noted about the movie, I would just like to reveal that movie is not a love triangle from any angle, the movie is not about sexuality too. “

The way he answered the question shows that he is not ready to clear what his role in the movie is. He has not clarified the rumors about his gay character in the movie which makes us to wait for the movie even more.

Fawad Khan says that his character will shock everyone after the release.

According to Fawad Khan, there are many misconceptions in the public regarding his role in the movie. The way people are expecting it to be, it would really be very different from that. People will be shocked to see his role in the movie after it gets released. He also said that he will not refuse to do the role of gay in any movie if offered as he finds nothing wrong in that.

We wish him and all his movie cast best of luck for the movie. Hope it break all the records.


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