Finest Bridal Makeup Salons in Pakistan

Everyone in this era wants to look best on her/his wedding day, especially girls, they opted to look fabulous and confident in front of others as well as in the pictures so one must check the astonishing make up salon with a high quality make up artist. The problem arises when the bride has not previously experienced any salon because the selection of a particular salon is a key priority for the girls to look best.

Makeup Salons in Pakistan

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You may be fortuitous to find a good make up artist and hairstylist who can give you comfortable environment and your favorite look on your big days of life. He or she makes your wedding a dream one by giving an entirely different lovely look. Below is the list of best bridal salons, according to your choice, so next thing you should do is to think whether that salon is good enough for you or not!

Let’s start and sort out which make up salon is the best!

1. Natasha Salon

Natasha Salon is one of the best salons of Pakistan who gave a different and a saccharine look to all the brides. This salon is run by the famous and beautiful ladies Natasha Khalid, Sabrina Khalid and Hina Durrani, who need no introduction because of their extraordinary work. This is one of the best and the famous salons in Pakistan with the vast experience in the bridal makeup and also have the best skills in this field work. Visually examine their marvelous brides!

Natasha Salon


2. Mariam’s Bridal Salon

A wedding is a long and dramatic affair, especially in Pakistan, when you want to look best among hundreds of people. To look flawless on your special day, there is a long list of best makeup salons and Mariam’s Bridal Salon is among one. This Bridal Salon is one of the standard salons in Lahore, maintained by top beautician Mariam Khawaja, who is giving up to date quality services to her clients. Being one of the best makeup artists in Pakistan, everyone wants her makeup done by Mariam. Well, it’s true that she has earned the fame in a very less period and intends to turn any women feel like glamorous.

Bridal Makeup By Maryam


3. Madeeha’s Salon

As the fashion industry in Pakistan is at its peak, so the demand for the best makeup artists and salons is also getting high among women. Founded in 1995, it is the most popular salon especially for Walima brides and additionally found remarkable for Party Makeup and Photography. The professional staff there will make you sure that you have best makeup done and ensure that a bride’s day will be memorable. You’ve sorted out your dress, now its time to cogitate your most favorite salon, which is Madeeha’s Salon.

Madeehas makeup


4. Allenora

Another name in the makeup industry is Allenora which is famous for signature makeup done by Annie. She has worked with many famous artists and models in an entirely different realm which proves that she has innovative conceptions to prepare the gorgeous brides herself. Cumulated with her prodigious elegance she has now enabled to expand her salon outside the country. This beauty salon gives you the best services of bridal makeup, mehndi makeup and party makeup too.

allenora annies salons bridal


5. Ather Shehzad Makeup Salon

Ather Shehzad Salon is one of the leading salons in Pakistan, engendered by Shehzad Raza who deals in Party and Bridal makeup and other accommodations on skin and hair. Kenned for top services, this salon is on number 5 in the race of top bridal salons of Pakistan because attractiveness and glance are the essential parts for any lady. If you are confused in choosing the best salon for your wedding, then Ather Shehzad Makeup Salon should be on your list in order to get your makeup done with pure satisfaction.

Bridal Makeup by Ather Shahzad


When we talk about makeup, we generally think about women because it has become the most important part in women’s life along with their other gorgeous accessories. Every girl wants to make her wedding day a memorable by looking beautiful and glowing, so she chooses high-quality makeup artist, who is known for the magical work. It is prominent that in every area of Pakistan, you’ll see a fine makeup salon, but it’s very difficult to choose what’s best for you and for your wedding days. As our country has gotten an unlimited number of beauty parlors and salons, it’s really hard to figure out the best bridal salon with best quality, reasonable charges and of course, the one with the ease of accessibility. We have provided the list of one of the best makeup salons in Pakistan in this article, so now it’s your responsibility to book one in order to keep in mind which salon suits you the best.

So all the future brides, read this article about the makeup salons in Pakistan and rush to book your favorite salon. Also, don’t forget to hire the best photographer for your big day. Happy wedding!

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