13 Feelings That Can Relate To The First Day At Job In Pakistan

To get a job in Pakistan is not so easy and then once you get it, it will be too difficult to make it long. Your First Day on the job is just like when you enter your school first time, totally awkward and creepy. You can’t decide what to do  and what not to do because of your clumsy feeling every time.

Some people hate it and some just love it to start a new phase of life. Here we have collected 13 sorts of feelings that relate to the first day at job in Pakistan.

1. What to wear on the First Day at job is the biggest question, that make other people say WOW.

First Day

2. Scariness is all you will feel when you enter the office because people will give you a huge attention.

scariness on job

3. Ladies will stare you only because of your dressing style.

when ladies will stare you

4. Your body will give you a warm slap if you spent more than 2 hours at work.

first day in office

5. People will welcome you and some people will give you funny smile.

welcome on first day of job

6. The interaction with your boss is as scary as to hear the final result in the university.

interaction with boss

7. The biggest problem is how to remember the name of your colleagues first day.

remembering colleagues names

8. Your warm talk with other people will start with the journey of your life. Kia parha, kahan se parha, yahan q aye bla bla.

the warm talk

9. When you don’t know what to do and everyone is busy in doing their tasks.

First Day at job

10. The other problem is how to ask for some chai and coffee because you know that no one will listen to you as you are a new comer.

you need coffee

11. There is nothing to calm you not even the comfortable chair that can make your ass tired.

when you chair is not comfortable

12. Silly questions are also in the way, just like “Where is the women toilet?”.

when you are in search of toilet

13. After all, you can’t eat in front of everyone so when you will be alone, you will eat like,

your eating ways

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