Fixit Campaign Founder Alamgir Khan Arrested In Karachi! Viral In Pakistan

The man behind the social media campaign Fixit was arrested by the Karachi police outside the house of CM (chief minister). He was arrested just for scuffling with the police and for trying to throw the truck full of garbage outside the CM house. He is a man who is the founder of social media compaign ‘fixit’ and after that he has started another campaign named as ‘fixed’. He got prominence on social media for taking this brave action as a PTI member.

Alamgir Khan fixit

Alamgir Khan made headlines for.

Alamgir Khan became the part of all news when he just sprayed the stencils of the face of chief minister of sindh Qaim Ali Shah. He did this near the open manholes of the city and asked to fix them.

Alamgir Khan Arrested

Alamgir Khan was arrested by police for this scuffling.

Alamgir Khan got arrested by the police after this action. It was just a minor scuffle but police took a very harsh action against it. Alamgir Khan was about to clean all the garbage bins outside the chief minister house of Karachi but before even doing that he was taken away by the Police.

While police personnel were taking him away after arresting him, he said this to all the people:

“About 12 tonnes of garbage is produced in the city of Karachi daily. It is very much possible to use this garbage for producing electricity and even other useful products can also be produced.”

He also said that police personnel didn’t help him in using this garbage and helping him in a good cause, they instead have not allowed to me to go outside the CM house.

Alamgir Khan Garbage campaign

Alamgir Khan already asked to clean the garbage.

Alamgir Khan has clearly told the media that he has asked many times from the authorities to clean the garbage but no action was taken on his appeal. After seeing no response, he has taken this symbolic action as he can’t see the roads of Karachi filled with garbage.

Alamgir Khan didn’t try to harm the sanctity of CM house.

The man has clearly told the media that his purpose was not to harm the sanctity of CM house. He only had one purpose, to make the authorities realize that the garbage which they don’t consider can cause a lot of serious diseases for the citizens.

Alamgir Khan with pti

PTI leaders are also standing with the brave man.

The representatives of PTI from Karachi are also standing with the brave man Alamgir Khan and showing solidarity for him. They are also protesting to release him.

Alamgir Khan clear call to CM sindh “Come See Me”.

Alamgir Khan gave a clear call to the CM of Sindh to “come and see him”. He said that mister Qaim Ali Shah will have to come there where he will be invited by him.

fix it sleeping beauty

Alamgir Khan is running a social media campaign ‘fixit’.

For the purpose of cleanliness of garbage and other things, Alamgir Khan is also running a campaign. The supporters of this campaign were gathered outside the CM house and painted the images of Qaim Ali Shah, this is how they have demanded the immediate release of Alamgir Khan.

A case is launched against Alamgir Khan under section 341.

On the other side if the police actions are concerned, they have launched a case against the man neglecting the support for the brave man demanding for the health and cleanliness in the city.

fixit cm sindh

Alamgir Khan’s supporters unique protesting style.

The supporters of the founder of ‘fixit’ have made the face of CM of sindh on the road in such a form of painting that it is not joint and asking the people to fix it.

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