Foods To Go With The Lahori Winters

Lahori winters come along with Lahori traditional food. Here are a few foods to cherish winters this year!

Kashmiri Chae

Kashmiri Chae in lahore

Nothing complements winters better than the Kashmiri Chae. Kashmiri Chae from the Abbot road is amazing, one can make it at home too but it somehow time taking. It is served with salt and nuts usually. Winter night and Kashmiri Chae are the best combination.

Halwa Puri

lahori Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri tastes a whole lot different in winters. People avoid the oily stuff in summer. This winter start your morning with ‘Halwa Puri ka nashta’. Capri, Butt sweets along with many other places are famous for Halwa Puri.


finger fish in lahore

Fish lovers wait the whole summer to pass so they could enjoy fresh fish.There are many famous fish joints in Lahore but Sardar machli farosh, Siidique and Basheer machli farosh are on the top. The fish is often served with a special type of sweet and sour chutney.


Amratsari Hareesha nishat road

Amratsari Hareesha on Nisbat Road is the best you must try it this winter. This place also only operates in the winter.


hot coffee in winter

Though coffee lovers do not care about the season, but coffee is best enjoyed in winters. If you are thinking to hang out with friends, You can go to Gloria jean’s and grab some delicious coffee. Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road has many good cafes too.


nalli nihari in lahore

Beef Nehari is served with khameeri roti or sheermal, known as best winter food. I remember going to Mohammadi Nehari for Nashta with my father at 4 in the morning. They have the best nehari, the real branch only. The maghaz nehari served with lemon and ginger is too delicious.

Ice Cream

lahori winters

Some Lahoris say that ice cream is best enjoyed in winter. Long walk with chilled ice cream that makes you shiver is the best part. There are a lot of ice parlors in Lahore. The mall road has the old chaman and fiesta. There is no better option than those, I guess.

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