7 Funny Things That Happen With A Girl When ‘Rishtay Waley’ Visits

When a girl completes her education or in Pakistan sometimes before matriculation even, it’s a trend to present a girl in front of the ‘larkay waley’. It’s a moment that is a blessing for the girl along with that it’s a huge responsibility too. A girl has to impress not only the one whom she is going to marry but the whole family of that boy too, which carries funny things. At that time she really needs to keep herself smiling because those larkay waley can move to the next door by taking her one sad expression wrong.

This article will tell you about those 7 funny things that a girl has to face during this tough time with some tips.

1. Selecting the Dress

As it is a famous saying “first impression is the last impression” which is completely suitable on this visit. While selecting a dress, a girl messes up and can’t choose the best one. For this if the mother of boy is visiting only then the selection is not that difficult but if the mother and boy both are coming to see you then you need to decide which one is looking most good on you. So take the best from your wardrobe and see which one looks the best by taking suggestions from your family members.

funny desi things

2. Wearing Makeup

This is the moment you need to decide how much makeup you should wear. For this see your dress, if it is a casual one then give a light touch of makeup and don’t go for heavy makeup even in case of wearing formal dress even. Natural looks are really going to work at this time.

desi girl wearing makeup

3. Choosing Hairstyle

After selecting the dress and deciding the amount of makeup, a girl needs to decide an appropriate hairstyle that go with her looks. Go for a simple hairstyle by thinking less that it is looking good or bad. By seeing your hairs million times in the mirror will make you more confused even so just go with what you like on yourself.

girl choosing hairstyle

4. Funny Things – Bringing Tea

The moment you enter the room with tea in your hands is the moment that decides your fate. Some of the girls come with the shivering arms and hands. You need to come with full confidence at that time keeping in mind that you are looking the best without thinking that your hairstyle or dress is not looking fine. Keep in mind, come out with a fully made tea so that you won’t have to face another problem while making it for people individually.

bringing tea in front of people

5. Sitting on an Appropriate Place

After serving the guests with the tea, you need to find an appropriate place to sit. Most of the times the future mother in law asks you to sit beside her. So sit peacefully and gracefully not keeping leg on leg.

sitting style in front of future in laws

6. Questioning/Interview

When you sit well then your interview takes place that what have you done? And what can you cook etc. so answer all these questions well and in a soft manner not losing your temperament.

funny things about future in laws

7. Questioning about Future

When the future mother in law inquires about your future plans like what are you planning to do in future? Then answer it like “you plan to take some cooking classes in future” it will surely be considered a good shot.

questioning baout future

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