Game Of Thrones Themed Café In Islamabad Is The Next Big Thing To Visit In Pakistan

Just like the rest of the world, Game Of Thrones is much popular in Pakistan. Now people can experience the real stuff like that. Wondering what has actually happened? Well, Pakistani’s should not worry because Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe opened in Phase 4, Bahria Town Islamabad recently. The café named King’s Landing Café & Grill is really marvelous and people are not really getting over it.

game of thrones themed cafe in islamabad

This Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe has everything classy just like the original Game Of Thrones season. You can wear a fur robe like the characters and can sit on the Iron Throne. There are lots of other stuff present in the café which will remind you of the real series.

King’s Landing Café & Grill in pakistan

Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe in Islamabad is what everyone should visit

The King’s Landing Café & Grill is opened by the five engineer graduates of FAST University – Qasim Ben Tariq, Ali Saif, Moiz Hashmi, Hammad Anwar and Arslan Sajid.

infrastructure in game of thrones themed cafe

One of the skilled students said, “The current job market for engineers is so disappointing that we were left with no choice but to put our creativity to good use. So we started our quest for an appropriate entrepreneurial venture and all options were put under consideration. After research, we identified that the formula for success is to provide the modern day consumers with a unique experience and memories associated with a product or service.”

GOT Season

He further added, “One of the biggest challenges was to coordinate scheduling and implementation of tasks assigned to local contractors in appropriate sequence and within designated time; our labour force has a tendency to not meet their deadlines. The entire GOT merchandise was ordered from international online retailers and sometimes the items delivered were not in the perfect condition.”

game of thrones season cafe

Are you ready to visit this GOT café?

Game of thrones themed cafe look

Not only in décor, this café has the best environment and quality. The unusual menu includes, Little Fingers, King of the Andals, Valar Spaghetti Pasta, Sand Snake Pasta, the Cheesy Khaleesi, the Red Keep, the Hound’s Chicken and many others. Moreover, the prices are affordable with most of the items range from Rs 300 to Rs 600. Isn’t it too amazing?

iron throne in game of throne themed cafe

Kudos to the team to give us such a refined café.

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