10 Situations That Relate To You If You Are Not A Good Money Saver

Are you a Good Money Saver or you always cry when you run short of money? I fall in the second category because my soul doesn’t allow me to save money for the future. Some people save the money regularly in order to buy a new phone or when they want to eat something good. Whereas some people just don’t care about the stuff they have and they believe on “Chaar din ki zindagi hai, ayesh kro”.

Congratulations to you if you are not a good saver and this crazy fact always make you sad when you want something important, but can’t buy! Here we have collected 10 situations that relate to ‘YOU’ if you are not a good saver. Hmm, these are seriously true, trust me!

1. When it’s only the 20th of the month and you came to know that you have empty pockets and zero balance in the bank. Facepalm!

you are not good money saver

2. That thinking when we decide that we are definitely going to save money next month. Hai Jazba Junoon Toh Himmat Na Haar wali feeling will be there.

when you decide to save money for future

3. Not Good Money Saver – Then the next month arrives, but ZERO money saving.

zero money saving

4. You fall in the category of those people who have also used the money of your friends who gave it to you mere as a ‘Amaanat’.

when you use your friends money

5. The advice from your parents and friends to save money are all in vein.

problems with bad money saver

6. Spending is an utmost desire of every person, this is the statement that you will repeat when anyone wants you to save money.

spending money is your desire

7. You know that you have not a single penny, but in front of everyone you will show that your money have been vanished somewhere or ‘I think someone has stolen them’.

money has vanished

8. The situation when you want to borrow money from your parents, ‘Please de den next month pocket money se kaat lena’.

please give me money

9. You will continue to reject all the expensive items because you are so called ‘KANGAAL’.

when you have zero penny

10. At the end, the ultimate goal is to think about saving the money again for next month so that I can have clothes, shoes, accessories and too much food.

when you make goals to save money

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