The Great Legend Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016

The only nation’s icon who is admired by all Pakistanis, Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016. The man who owned the record for having the world largest circle of ambulance and other volunteer work. Last year the famous Pakistani singer and actress took a selfie with Abdul Sattar Edhi, when he was on the hospital bed. The selfie went viral and the whole nation went crazy. Komal was abused and threatened for her act. Pakistan proved that they can’t bear anything bad when it comes to Sir Edhi.

The great legend Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016 died on Friday night at the age of 88, after having been ill for several weeks.

Google Pays Tribute

On the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016, Google pays tribute to him by putting his name and his birth and death date on the front of Pakistani page. It was absolutely a perfect act by Google for the man who struggled his whole life to serve the nation all over the world. Sir Edhi was suffering from the kidney illness, but tried hard to serve the humanity till his last breathe. The selfless life of Edhi is front of everyone, who cared for millions of orphans, homeless and also the poor people.

google tribute to edhi

The Life Of World Famous Social Worker

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a legend and a whole institution. He was born in 1928 in Gujrat in pre-partition India and his story is much inspiring. He worked hard to take care his paralyzed mother when he was only 11 by offering services to his mother like bathing, feeding, changing dress and cleansing. His career is the real life lesson for everyone, because he started it as a street hawker by selling matchboxes and pencils in the streets of Karachi. In 1951, he opened a small dispensary in Mithadar Karachi to help the needy people. His true devotion and dedication made him the owner of famous nationwide organization. He has now opened clinics, maternity houses, ambulances, houses for the handicapped, blood banks, adoption centers, shelters, mortuaries, soup kitchens and also a cancer health center.

He married Bilquis in 1966, who was the nurse by profession, but their true willpower enable them to run the charity organization. Not only in Pakistan, Edhi is the first person to deliver medicines, food and clothing to refugees in Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Bosnia personally. One of his best work was to donate $100,000 to those Pakistanis in New York, who had lost their job due to the economical crises after 9/11.

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The Pakistani Icon Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016

The social welfare organization known as the Edhi foundation was run by the Edhi and his wife Bilquis. It was established in 1950 with only one single room in Karachi. Now the foundation has spread over 300 centers all over the Pakistan with the strong view to support and assist the humanity. The Edhi foundation holds the record for having the largest circle of ambulances with over 1800 private vehicles. Not only this, this foundation has private jets, a helicopter and also 28 rescue boats. The Edhi foundation has spread over with vast facilities and runs eight free hospitals, many medical units and also the legal aid to innocent prisoners, children and women.

The Edhi Foundation has also the facility of education where people can study, teach, get training and also the scheme of pharmacy. The transportation facility of this foundation has spread to 1,00,000 individuals yearly. Countrywide, there are 250 facilities, the employer stored 20,000 deserted infants, trained 40,000 qualified nurses and 50,000 orphans are there in Edhi houses. The foundation has 3500 employees and many volunteers are there who raises donations without the government help.

He always refuses the donations from government. Once in 1980, the President Zia-ul-Haq gave him the cheque of 500,000 rupees, Edhi returned it. Moreover, the Italian government gave him one million donation, but he refused by saying “Governments set conditions that I can’t accept”.

Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016


Awards and Prizes Given To Him

The man with the clear vision and mission had done everything for the welfare. Whether to sit on the road for donation or to walk in the streets with the cap in hand to beg for the poor people. He was given the prestigious Magasay award by the Philippines. He was awarded by the Nishan-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 1989. In 2000, he was awarded by the Balzan Peace Award by the Italian Government. A Peace Prize from U.S.S.R for the services in Armenian earthquake disaster.

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Inspiring Quotes By Abdul Sattar Edhi According To Express Tribune

1. “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.”

quotes by abdul sattar edhi


2. “I do not have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity.”

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3. “Never take anyone’s death to heart Bilquis. Remember God by the equality with which He implements it. Nobody is different, the richest to the poorest, from here to the end of the globe face it equally. What an example of equality.”

Abdul Sattar Edhi


4. “So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ And I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”

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5. “Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”

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6. “Chasing after desires creates inner turmoil. When the devil becomes guide, dacoits and gangsters are manufactured. He makes men fight against their souls to survive expensive items and most lose everything in the face of his strength. The internal enemy can only be overcome by a personal revolution.”

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7. “The dead has only one place to go… up. Wherever you bury them, they will go the same way, up.”

Renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi


8. “The Holy Book should open in your souls, not on your laps. Open your heart and see God’s people. In their plight you will find Him.”

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9. “Those who believed in changing the world were either hungry by circumstance or practiced deprivation by choice.”

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10. “Appearance is a distraction, surrendering it develops truth and humility in abundance.”

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The richest poor man, Abdul Sattar Edhi 1928 to 2016. Rest in peace!

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