This Guy Shared A Hilarious Story About How He Learned ‘Not To Ask Women Why They Are Not Fasting’

Ramzan has started with full intention to do good deeds. With this, girls are ready to awkwardly answer the questions of every person, if they have not kept some rozas. People do often ask every girl whether you are fasting or not, despite the fact that it’s so common why girls can’t fast every day in Ramadan and can’t pray either. Similar to this, a guy from England, Mohammed Hussain shared his story about he asked his bhabhi why she wasn’t fasting. This hilarious incident will definitely make every guy understand how to learn ‘Not To Ask Women Why They Are Not Fasting’.

This is a guy…

guy shared about women roza

Let’s start a story!

dont ask women why they are not fasting in ramadan

Good old days though

Not To Ask Women Why They Are Not Fasting

Because he wasn’t able to eat that samosa

female menstruation in ramadan


women fasting


ramadan fasting

Seriously, roza was hard for him

mo hussain on twitter

Pure love for biryani

love for biryani

Iftaar time

learn how to not ask women about fasting

So good to know this

ramzan fasting 2017

HAHAHA, Guess who

people comment on women periods


guy teaching how to not ask women about fasting

Mum was on right point

women problems during ramadan

Well, a big embarrassment for everyone present there

tweets on ramadan

The ultimate result

article on menstruation

Poor child

when you ask women about periods

The problem was he needed answers

skip fasting during periods

But he got his answers soon

salat in ramadan

It was really scary

when you ask women about periods

Most important thing

know what islam is about

Well, we know the guy was too young at that time, but asking these questions to women when you have grown up is seriously disgusting. So, make your rozas more powerful by not asking such questions to women. Because you already know what’s going on!

Ramadan Mubarik to all the guys who do such stuff!

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