Hamza Ali Abbasi & Fawad Khan Are Super Fit For Maula Jatt

Everybody has seen the blockbuster Sultan Rahi’s movie Maula Jatt, now the remake is soon to be appearing on big screen. Do you know who the stars are? Well, these are our own Hamza Ali Abbasi & the chocolate guy Fawad Khan. Yes, this 2017 is going to be the good one because these two Lollywood actors are making their roles much powerful to entertain their fans.

maula jatt pakistani movie remake

Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and Hamza as Noori Nath will be the lead roles, just like the 1979 Punjabi film starred Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi. Many sources told that action choreographers team are from Los Angeles, who will train Maula Jutt’s lead actors. According to the sources, “The team has been in Lahore for a couple of weeks where workshops are being conducted for the cast and the crew. Both Fawad and Hamza will train for their particular roles. The first spell focuses on Hamza specifically.”

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Bilal Lashari’s New Movie Maula Jatt Is Starring Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi

This Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jatt needs amazing actors like Fawad and Hamza. In an interview he shared his thoughts regarding this movie. Lashari said, “It has to be a lot more than just a physical transformation. Fawad as Maula Jatt and Hamza as Noori Nath will come as an amazing shocker for the audience. I think he will make an even better villain on screen than he is on Facebook. I think he will bring that (his Facebook persona) to the table itself but the character and dialogues themselves are so powerful that I think he is going to nail it. People will forget the old Noori Nath. It’s a gamble but it’s not a remake. It’s a new interpretation of the gandasa genre, which is why it was very important to reinvent characters. There’s no point in imitating Sultan Rahi. There has to be a completely new identity.”

Not only this, you will be shocked to see the outstanding transformation of your heartthrob Fawad Khan for Maula Jatt.

fawad khan transformation from fit to fat

Still, he is looking so cute. And the beard is absolutely like a real ‘Jatt’.

fawad khan in beard

So stay tuned for more updates. Don’t miss any gossip!

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