6 Health Benefits Of Eating Peanuts In Winter Season

Winter season is here and we can’t spend this without having some dry fruits, especially the peanuts. You can see the markets are fully loaded with dry fruits in winters and eating peanuts mean you are getting many useful benefits. We, Desi people enjoy this crazy dry fruit to just kill the time without knowing its benefits it provides to our health. According to the new study published in International Journal of Epidemiology, you can have a lower risk of mortality and chronic diseases, like respiratory disease, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases by eating lots of nuts.

Professor Piet Van Den Brandt, the project leader and epidemiologist, said in the press release about the benefits of eating peanuts. “It was remarkable that substantially lower mortality was already observed at consumption levels of 15 grams of nuts or peanuts on average per day (half a handful). A higher intake was not associated with a further reduction in mortality risk. This was also supported by a meta-analysis of previously published studies together with the Netherlands Cohort Study, in which cancer and respiratory mortality showed this same dose-response pattern.”

So, given below are some health benefits you get if you eat peanuts. Take a look!

1. Helps In Weight Loss

Peanuts fills your stomach faster as compared to other high calorie snacks present. After eating this snack, you can make your body skip heavy calorie foods that contain fats. So peanuts have large benefits for you in winters. Make your daily habit to eat this snack in order to stay healthy and smart.

eating peanuts in weight loss

2. Prevents Cancer

All the legumes like peanuts have phytosterol called beta-sitosterol (SIT) in a high concentration. It helps to reduce the spread of tumor cells in your body and also reduce their size. A research conducted in the United States that men and women who consumed peanuts at least twice a week had 27% and 58% lower risk of getting a colon cancer. Yes, this dry fruit protects you from cancer.

peanuts prevent cancer

3. Balances Cholesterol Level

The other biggest health benefit of eating peanuts is you can balance your cholesterol level. In peanuts, the mono-unsaturated fatty acids are present through which your cholesterol level can be maintained. If you are having a diabetes, eat peanuts as they are very beneficial.

peanuts control cholesterol level

4. Get Glowing Skin

Especially for women, eating peanuts are wonderful because the monounsaturated acids and resveratrol in it hydrate and replenish your skin. Toxins in peanuts make your skin oil free and you will get wrinkle free skin, thus making it clear, young and flawless.

peanuts for glowing skin

5. Beneficial In Pregnancy

To get folate, peanuts are the best source. The studies show that women who have a habit to consume 400 grams of folic acid before or during early pregnancy have up to 70% lower risk of a baby born with a neural tube defect. Not only this, peanuts also help to get rid of allergic diseases like asthma.

peanuts in pregnancy

6. Reduces The Chances Of Stroke

Eating peanuts give you anti-oxidants and various minerals, which helps you to reduce chances of heart diseases and stroke. Peanuts also contain Tryptophan, a chemical that fights against depression. So in order to live a healthy and stress free life, develop a habit to consume peanuts daily.

peanuts make your heart healthy

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