5 Types Of Healthy Juices You Can Enjoy This Season In Pakistan

Summer has fully gone and we have already welcomed winter season in Pakistan as a blessing. Winters came as the full fledged season with the changed list of food having a hot soup, extraordinary varieties of nuts and a cup of fine coffee. People wait for the arrival of the winter season in Pakistan not only because of food, but also to enjoy the cold nights. Some just sit in the room wearing a blanket and others visit hill stations for more enjoyment. You can feel rich after having too much variety of Healthy Juices of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. It’s up to you, eat these foods or simply take juice out of them.

The healthy juices in the winter season are very rich in taste and the best thing is they help you to fight with obesity. So for you, we have collected 5 types of healthy juices you can enjoy this winter season in Pakistan.

1. Oranges & Grapefruits

To get vitamin C, oranges and grapefruits are the best fruits in winters Pakistan. They are very healthful for your body and skin and one more thing to notice is they are available in different sizes located in different areas of Pakistan. The grapefruits have the sour odor and rich in color. You can drink the grapefruit juice alone or can mix with oranges due to the hard flavor. If you are looking to reduce sugar intake, then grapefruit is the best.

healthy juices for winters

2. Pomegranate

In Pakistan, pomegranate is available from October to December or January even you can enjoy this fruit after these months in the markets as frozen products. It contains one of the healthy juices among other fruits and vegetables. The red color drink gives you Vitamin C and makes your skin glowing and clean. Moreover, it lowers your blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer in the human body.

Pomegranate juice pakistan

3. Carrots

To maintain your skin and respiratory system, carrots are best in the winter season because one medium carrot contains 203% of your RDA of vitamin A. This veggie boosts your immune system and its juice gives you many vitamins and minerals such as B6, potassium, phosphorous, K, etc. So get carrots and enjoy benefits that will definitely get you hooked.

carrots juice for skin

4. Beetroot

Must drink a glass of beet juice every day because it’s one of the healthiest foods on the earth. The beetroot contains vitamin C and B6, manganese, folate, potassium and betaine. So this winter season, buy lots of beetroots to get unlimited benefits for your body.

healthy juice for body

5. Kiwi

You would be very surprised to know about the kiwi fruit benefits to your body, skin and hair. The kiwi is packed with antioxidants that fight and prevents wrinkles. It clears your complexion and restores skin wounds. Not only this, once you eat kiwi or take juice or smoothie out of it, you will be glad to see the immense change in you. Your hair will become strong and you will be able to treat respiratory problems like asthma, cough and shortness of breath.

kiwi fruit in pakistan

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