There Is An Honesty Bakery In Mecca Saudi Arabia That Has No Cashier & It Uses A Trust Box Instead

The Honesty Bakery in Mecca Saudi Arabia has a trust box instead of a cashier and CCTV cameras. This amazing bakery is owned by Ghazi Hassan Tass, where there’s not anything to monitor the activities, not even the bakery staff. The idea was created to test the honesty of customers who come to buy products from the bakery. They can put any amount they want in a “Trust Box” in the bakery.

Honesty Bakery in Mecca Saudi Arabia

Ghazi opens the box at the end of every month and the amount in the box equals to what he should have earned the same month.

He said,

“I wanted to try this idea, Can we really trust people?”, “And oh my God! People proved that they deserve to be trusted.” “And for those that cannot afford to buy it, it’s for free!”

The policy behind the honesty bakery in Mecca Saudi Arabia is “Take what you want, and pay what you want.”

honesty bakery in Mecca

The concept of honesty shops is not the new one. Well! In 2013, a shop was opened in Gimmelwald, Switzerland by the hotel owner David Waterhouse. Once, he didn’t have funds to pay to shopkeeper so he left it for people to decide the rates on their own.

To be honest, this concept is great. People do not go hungry when they cannot afford to buy anything.

This Trust bakery has been running for over a year and a half and now the budget is getting bigger and bigger.

Watch out yourself how this bakery looks like!


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