Imran Khan And Reham Khan Decided To Separate Their Ways – A Mutual Consent Divorce

Imran-Reham Talaq

Imran Khan is known as the hero of youngsters married to Reham Khan on January 2015 with the mutual consent at Bani Gala residence of Imran Khan, but who thought that this marriage has very short time period. Yes, this is right news, the Central Information Secretary Naeem UL Haque confirmed this news on behalf of the Imran Khan that they have filed a divorce with mutual consent.

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Imran Khan Refused All The Reports Of Failure In Marriage In The Past

Right after their marriage many problems arose according to the media reports that they both were not happy with each other, but Imran Khan denies all the gossips by the media. Last month the Chairman of PTI also rejected all the reports regarding his marriage and now the final news has come to the ears of everyone.


Reham Khan Tweet About Divorce!

Reham Khan has finally shared her views today about divorce and on every post the both Khans agreed that this divorce is mutual consent of both.


 The Role Of Media In The Relationship Of This Couple

Media was so happy because of their marriage, but with the passage of time all the difficulties came in their way. According to the report of media, Imran Khan visited London to his children and ex wife Jemaima.

The relationship of Imran Khan with Jemaima has deteriorated the marriage of Reham and differences came after his visit – The Reporter Said.

Reham Will Neither Consent Elections On PTI ticket Nor Attend Party Events: PTI Chairman Imran Khan

“I have never been involved in any kind of domestic violence in any shape or form,” said Dr Rehman, with whom she has three children. “I always looked after my children and wife very well.”

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The reason according to the media about this divorce was, Imran Khan didn’t allow Reham Khan to work and Reham Khan’s views are quite different. Well! All the news is in front of you people, but God knows better what is the real matter between this couple and we wish a good luck for their future.

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