Fawad Khan Steals The Bollywood After Kapoor And Sons

The heart-throb of Pakistan who is on his way to become a famous star of the Indian film industry is nowadays busy in promoting his upcoming movie ‘kapoor and sons’. He has won the hearts of the Indian fans already by his heart winning performance in ‘Khoobsoorat’ with Sonam Kapoor. The Indian extremist Shevsina is trying to create problems for Pakistani celebrities either it is ghazal singer ‘Ghulam Ali Khan’, Mahira Khan or Fawad Khan.

Cast of the movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’.

Kapoor and Sons Cast

The upcoming movie of Fawad Khan to be released on march 18, 2016 also casts Rishi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra in leading roles. It is made under the production of Karan Johar.

Fawad Khan has won hearts of his Fans by the Trailer.

Fawad Khan in kapoor and sons

The trailer of the movie has everything from drama, style to emotions. In the first part of trailer, the movie seemed to be entertaining whereas in the second part, the emotional scenes were just tremendous.

Storyline of ‘Kapoor and Sons’.

Storyline of ‘Kapoor and Sons’.

Rishi Kapoor is playing the role of Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra’s grandfather in the movie. Rishi kapoor wants to know how will he look after his death. His grandsons live happily with each other, until Alia Kapoor makes her entry and both the brother fall for the same girl.

Fawad Khan told the Reporters at the Trailer Launch event.

fawad khan about kapoor and sons

As Pakistani stars often face problems in india, Fawad Khan seems to be very happy there. He said this to the reporters:

“I am an illiterate person politically. I am usually not aware of the current affairs. Whenever I visit India, I used to experience a tremendous amount of hospitality and love. I can tell this proudly that I am always welcomed warmly in India.”

Fawad Khan says that he feels like home at india. Despite he misses his family here but the movie cast fills this gap here.

Fawad Khan feels like Home in India.

fawad khan home india

It is the second movie of Fawad Khan in bollywood. As he has worked in Khoobsoorat earlier, he was welcomed for that movie too and now again for this movie. He was questioned about the treatment in bollywood then he said:

“My experience was wonderful when I came to india earlier for Khoobsoorat. The cast of this movie was like family for me. This time again, when I came here for ‘kapoor and sons’, the experience is wonderful again. I am having an amazing experience for the promotions of ‘Kapoor and Sons’. The shooting experience was also wonderful, I do miss my family but the stars working with me fill the space of my family. I just feel like my home here.”

The Pakistani handsome hunk will be seen playing an important role in the movie, if the trailer is believed then he is the second lead hero of the movie.

Alia Bhatt will be seen Kissing Fawad Khan.

alia bhatt and fawad khan kiss

In the trailer of the movie, it can be seen that Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt will be having some close kissing scenes together. This thing is quite embarrassing for those Pakistanis who always point out those heroines of Pakistan who do intimate scenes there,  but change their point of view for these favorite heroes.



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