Iran Jails 12 People Over ‘Spreading Western-Style Culture of Nudity’

The country Iran has jailed 12 fashion workers over spreading prostitution and western-style culture of nudity. The total of 12 people, eight of whom are female has been punished for up to six years for posting such ‘un-Islamic acts’ on Instagram. They are charged by the Shiraz court in Iran with “encouraging moral degradation” and “exhibiting Western fashion online and on social media”, according to Al Arabiya.

iran jails fashion models

Iran Jails Fashion Bloggers & Models

Some people among them are given to six years jail sentence and banned from working in any government service or in journalism for two years. Moreover, another man was sentenced to only two years of jail and was banned from working as a photographer.

iranian model

Iran Spider II Sting Operation

There arrest was made possible under a two year old sting operation known as ‘Spider II’. This operation targets those models who post their pictures without the hijab online. As the Islamic country, covering body and hair has been compulsory in Iran for women since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. According to this, nearly 170 people have been arrested.

hijab in iran

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is blocked in Iran, so Instagram alone is very popular among people. Because of this, eight people were arrested in May because of the photos they posted online and seven modeling agencies were shut down in November for “endangering moral security and public order.”

Charges On Fashion Bloggers & Models In Iran

The charges were so clear on every fashion model and blogger. According to, they were being accused for “encouraging prostitution” and “promoting corruption”. It happened through the publication of “obscene” images online, the court said, spreading a “Western-style culture of nudity“ designed to corrupt Muslims.

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