Throwback To The Past: List Of Jagjit Singh Lyrics From Awesome Ghazals and Songs

Get ready to enjoy the Jagjit Singh Lyrics from his awesome ghazals and songs. The great Indian Ghazal singer, composer and musician, who died on 10th October, 2011 is none other than Jagjit Singh – still present in our hearts because of his melodious voice. From old to young people, you will find that everyone is a huge fan of this man because his ghazals has soft lyrics, which forces you to appreciate him.

He was born as Jagmohan Singh and has sung many ghazals, not only this, he was also a polyglot. Awarded with Padma Bhushan by the government of India in 2003, his ghazals and songs are still very famous among us, so let’s remember the beautiful lyrics through his ghazals and songs.

1. Tum jo itna muskra rahe ho

Jagjit Singh lyrics

2. Jagjit Singh Lyrics – Manzil main ishq ki

lyrics from ghazal

3. Koi fariyaad

koi fariyaad

4. Hosh walon ko khabar kya

jagjit singh voice

5. Jhuki jhuki see nazar

jagjit singh list of ghazals

6. Zindagi dhoop tum ghana saaya


7. Woh kaghaz ki kashti, wo barish ka pani

jagjit singh songs

8. Jo beet gaya hai vo guzar kyoon nahi jaata


9. Hothon se chulo tum

honthon se choolo tum

10. Chiti na koi sandesh

jagjit singh melodious voice

This is just a short list, everyone knows the variety of ghazals and songs of the great Jagjit Singh. I can guarantee that you will not get tired of listening to his awesome collection again and again. The great legend he is!

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