Janaan Reham Khan First Movie Is Worth Watching

Like all other famous people, Reham Khan has also stepped into the Lollywood industry. She is co-producing a romantic, but amazing comedy movie Janaaan. This Janaan Reham Khan First Movie is worth watching to experience a glamorous life. One of the most plugged movie of this year, Janaan is starring Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and also Bilal Ashraf. These all are lead role of this epic movie, so don’t wait and watch the marvelous trailer of Janaan.

Interview About Janaan Reham Khan First Movie

In an interview, Hareem Farooq talked about the movie and about one of the producers, Reham Khan.

“Reham has always been fond of promoting art, and she wanted to play a role in promoting the local entertainment industry. We shared the script of the movie with her and she liked it so we decided to collaborate on the project.”

Talking further about the movie, she said:

Janaan is a story of a Pakhtun girl who returns from Britain after her education. The story comically defies the stereotypes about Pakhtun families. “I have always wanted to promote a softer image of the country, and I chose the story of a Pakhtun family because they are usually the most misunderstood and ridiculed ethnicity.”

Janaan Reham Khan First Movie

Going To Release Internationally

Janaan is going to release internationally by joining hands with BFU Movies. In Pakistan, the main distributor is ARY films. Imran Kazmi, the producer of Janaan says,

“ARY Films is distributing the film in Pakistan, whereas they’re collaborating with Bollywood’s B4U Movies for international distribution as well. Janaan will release in the entire UAE, England, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia. And we are also in negotiation with a release in Iran, Turkey and Morocco. I think it’ll be the only Pakistani film so far to be released in more than six countries (hopefully).”

janaan movie

Release of Janaan Reham Khan First Movie

The movie is going to release on 13th September, 2016 with the view to give the audience romance, love, laughter and beauty of Pakhtoons culture. The shot of the movie was in beautiful areas of northern Pakistan, especially in Swat. Reham khan talks about her excitement in the interview that,

“I am excited to coproduce Janaan with Imran Raza Kazmi, the team has worked diligently to bring reality to a story which is close to my heart, a story based in my beloved homeland and portrays its rich culture and values.”

reham khan movie janaan

Founder and President of ARY Digital Network

The founder and president of ARY Digital Network, Mr. Salman Iqbal said,

“We are pleased to announce one of our many releases of 2016. Janaan not only depicts the positive side of Pukhtoons and Pakistan, but it will also add value in supporting the Pakistan film industry with ARY FILMS at the forefront of holding up the ‘MADE IN PAKISTAN’ content”.

“We welcome Reham and IRK Films and look forward to making this venture a success,” he added.

janaan movie poster

Just wait for the EID-UL-AZHA, because this movie is going to hit the theaters with huge success 🙂

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