7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Wear To Look Beautiful

Buying and wearing jewelry pieces is one of the best things a girl or a woman can do, especially when you think it’s compulsory to own some jewelry in daily routine. To embellish yourself and to display your lovely signature look some sort of jewelry pieces are necessary. You can wear it with the dress you want like with jeans, maxi, skirts and some Desi wears too.

There are many types of jewelry pieces you can wear on any occasion, whether to look casual or formal. The rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, ear pins and many more stuffs are in common. So, we have made a list of top 7 jewelry pieces every woman should wear to look beautiful.

1. Watch

A stylish and classic watch is a must have to add in your jewelry pieces. Nowadays, women prefer to wear a menswear watch in order to give personality a unique look. If you don’t have such piece, then borrow from your brother or father the watch with metallic or a leather strap.

jewelry pieces watch

2. Pearl Studs

Girls are very fond of these pearl studs, because it gives you such elegance than a pair of simple studs. The simple and natural pearls can be worn with any type and any color of dress. So it’s up to you whether to wear single or double pearl studs.

double pearl studs

3. Long Necklaces

The long necklaces are so much in fashion in today’s era, even in boys too. These types of jewelry pieces can look well with any dress, formal or informal. You can wear these necklaces with choker, with chains and also in triple layers. Waiting for what? Go and find these necklaces!

long necklaces

4. Ear Pin

When you have nothing to wear stylish in jewelry pieces, then the ear pin alone can give you adorable look. For this you have to pierce more than one hole in your ears, or you can simply go with the pin with ear holder. This ear pin looks amazing, especially for any wedding occasion. Must try!

ear pins for girls

5. Hand Chain Ring Bracelet

Hand chain ring bracelet or you can say hand chain or slave bracelet. It adds a touch of classiness to your entire personality. Must buy this piece and your hands will look even more beautiful than ever. You can wear it with any dress because the way chain and ring is connected to each other really makes you look more confident.

hand chain bracelet fashion

6. Chunky Necklaces

Have you ever worn chunky necklaces? If not, then it’s the perfect time to buy these stunning jewelry pieces. You can wear these necklaces with almost every dress. Golden, silver, blue, black, green, there are a variety of colors, you can choose any one or also in combination. No doubt, these chunky necklaces give you more stylish appearance.

fashionable girls

7. Rings

No girl or women can complete without wearing some sort of rings. The midi rings, gemstone rings, princess cut rings, side stone rings, classic solitaire rings are some types. You can wear these on the finger you want or even on every finger to create different looks. These are so cute and graceful all at once!

rings fashion

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