Kareena Kapoor To Do A Pakistani Movie?

Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor is in news these days but not for any bollywood movie, everyone was shocked to see this news on social media that bebo is interested to work in Pakistani movie under the direction of the best director ever found in Pakistan yet Mr. Shoaib Mansoor.


Shoaib Mansoor’s Career.

Shoaib Mansoor is a well known director of Pakistan and he has directed two blockbuster movies that has helped Pakistani Cinema in its revival a lot.


Blockbuster Movies by The Director.

Shoaib Mansoor has directed the blockbuster movie “Khuda k liye” which was released in 2007 and it has inspired everyone from all around the world, after this highly appreciated movie he came with another blast named “BOL” in 2011, this bold movie has made everyone see the true reality of the some people in the country.

What Did Kareena Say.

Kareena Kapoor who is busy in shooting for her upcoming movie “ki and ka” has recently said that she has worked with every khan of the industry and bollywood typical movies with khans and others have made her comfort zone. She clearly said that she wants to come out of her comfort zone and she is much inspired with this director Shoaib Mansoor and have shown her desire to work under his direction.


Shoaib Mansoor Went To India.

Now the resources have told that Shoaib Mansoor had recently taken a flight for india, and he made this visit to india to offer the bollywood queen with a role in his upcoming project, this movie is based upon the woman of Mumbai and it’s a movie having full heroine power. Now it will really be very interesting to see that Kareena Kapoor signs for this role or she refuses it after seeing the script.

Last Movie Of Kareena.

The last movie being done by the bollywood diva is none other than a lost Pakistani girl story Bajrangi Bhaijaan. This movie has got a tremendous success on the box office. As Kareena has said this in her interview that working with Khans and in bollywood movies became her comfort zone then we will really love her to see her working in a different kind of project under the direction of the superb director himself.

Best Movies of Kareena Yet.

The movies that really has helped Kareena in proving herself the absolute diva of the industry are Jab we met. This movie is yet the favourite movie of every teenager. Along with that she gave absolute hits whenever she was paired with the bhaijaan of the industry Salman Khan.

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