Katrina Kaif Has Trouble With Ranbir Kapoor

Two stars who are called the love birds of the industry are very famous for their off-screen chemistry. But when they are called to become love birds for their fans in a movie then Katrina finds it difficult to work with Ranbir kapoor.

Recent Movie.

jagga jasoos movie

Both the actors are busy in shooting of their new and much talked movie named ‘jagga jasoos’ directed by Anurag Basu. Both the actors might have loved for their off-screen chemistry  but according to the rumors its not easy for them to deliver the same on-screen too.

Katrina’s trouble with Ranbir.

Ranbir And Katrina trouble

The 32-years old actress is paired opposite to her mister handsome and boyfriend ranbir kapoor in the movie. She talked about her troubles like this:

“I feel it is difficult to work with people you know very well. I think it is easier to act in front of strangers. When someone knows you really well and you are acting in front of them.. you feel a bit forced, you feel you are acting, as he knows you are lying.

Previous Movies.

ajab premki ghazab

Both the stars had shared screen twice earlier in the movies named ‘ajab prem ki ghazab kahani’ and ‘rajneeti’ and they were much appreciated for their chemistry in both. Katrina is paired with the director for the very first time in this movie.

Problems between anurag and Katina.

Problems between anurag and Katina

There were rumors like all is not well between the director and actress of the movie. She clearly called these rumors baseless. She replied the question like:

“This is stupid rumor. People are assuming problems because the film is not following our desired schedule. Ranbir who had worked with Anurag know the way he works and so do I.”

She added:

“Anurag is a mad genius, who can’t be controlled but there is a method to his madness. That’s why he always come up with beautiful fims and people don’t understand where did they come from. His vision and process is respected by us.”

Story line.

The movie is a kind of comedy drama that narrates the story of a teenage detective in search of his missing father. The movie is scheduled to be released in June 2016.

We wish the actress and the movie cast and makers all the best for the remaining part. Hope the couple would be able to deliver their audience with the best chemistry as in their real life.

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