Katrina Ranbir to breakup soon!

katrina ranbir love birds

The rockstar of bollywood who is in a relationship with the Barbie doll of the industry are known to be as the love birds. They both are so much involved in each other that what is said on their back don’t affect them much and they just have made it a routine to live with each other with no confirm wedding plans. Now if the recent sources are believed then it has been listened that the stars are planning to breakup in the near future.

What are the major reasons behind this huge step:

The sizzling chemistry of ranbir and deepika in Tamasha.

tamasha movie and katrina

As everyone knows that ranbir was in a relationship with deepika before Katrina kaif and that relationship was the most famous in the industry but suddenly ranbir broke up with the hottest costar which made her a depression patient but later she came out of it somehow.

In the recent past the former love birds came up with a movie ‘tamasha’ in which their chemistry was praised a lot which made Katrina think that they might get close to each other again. This feeling of insecurity made Katrina to think about breakup.

Katrina annoys to listen the name of deepika from ranbir.

katrina ranbir breakup

If the reports are believed then the Barbie doll is not much happy these days after listening a lot of sentences from ranbir in which he mentions the name of deepika as the best actor and the best costar. Barbie doll is interested to replace her in the movie life as well.

Absence of Katrina from ‘tamasha’ success party.

tamasha success party

Recently a party was arranged after the success of the ex lovers movie together. Barbie doll was also invited in the party but she was absent from there despite the current lover of deepika ranvir singh came up to support her lady love. Whether her absence news are covered by saying that she was busy in shooting her add till the late night.


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