10 Kinds Of Coffees To Order In Countries Around The World

Coffee for the coffee lovers is just like the music to the ears, warmness in the body, always up for it! It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s steamy and it’s also chilled. No matter what the flavor and size variety it has, all we want is coffee and we love it in all shapes, flavors, sizes, looks and places. Whether you are at any party or on the date, you can’t just complete anything without having a cup of coffee. You always wonder how different kinds of coffees are made around the world and you always want to gather the ingredients to prepare your favorite and delicious coffee.

The different cafes and restaurants around the world are the most mesmerizing one to give you some tasty kinds of coffees. So to know everything about this beverage, scroll down and enjoy the 10 different kinds of coffees consumed by people in different countries around the world.

1. Drip Coffee, America

The America is famous for different kinds of coffees like Cappuccinos, Lattes, cold brew and much more. The hot cup with the Arabica coffee beans are enough to start your day. It contains less caffeine than other coffee varieties, hence it ups the antioxidant levels.

kinds of coffees

2. Egg Coffee, Vietnam

The perfect source of healthy breakfast coffee contains, egg yolks, milk, sugar, condensed milk, butter, cow cheese in Vietnam. It is served thick and hot and also tastes like a rich tiramisu. According to the Telegraph, “it is drunk cold, with ice, it tasted like a creamy tiramisu. Served with hot water, the sugar took on more of a caramel taste.”

Egg Coffee, Vietnam

3. Turkish Coffee, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its cuisine and also for the traditional coffee. The coffee is served as extra dark and strong because it is boiled instead of brewed. The most entertaining thing is this coffee contains healthy nutrients like polyphenols, which help to protect your arteries.

Turkish Coffee, Turkey

4. Spiced Coffee, Morocco

The people of Morocco are famous for their coffee habits. There, the coffee is specially boiled with milk and some spices like peppercorns, cinnamon, cloves and nutmegs. Also the coffee is mixed with beans and ground, which makes it brew.

Spiced Coffee, Morocco

5. Café Lagrima, Argentina

The Argentinians enjoy coffee in a more fun way because they do make anti-coffee. It is made with foam, splash of coffee and a steamed milk. The best way to drink the coffee is to also get a dose of calcium with it, just like the people of Argentina do.

innovative coffee Argentina

6. Pharisäer, Germany

To hide the taste of alcohol with the taste of coffee, German’s use coffee with rum. This is one of the most unusual kind of coffees that is served with the mixture of coffee and rum. Also, it is topped with a thick layer of whipped cream on the top.

Pharisäer, Germany

7. Flat White, New Zealand

This coffee is available in Starbucks, but originally came from New Zealand. The velvety foam of fine steamed milk and the shots of espresso are what everyone wants in a cup of coffee. To enjoy its presence, must have a large ceramic cup.

australian coffee

8. Irish Coffee, Ireland

Half cocktail, half coffee, this coffee in Ireland is a mixture of fresh coffee, whipping cream, whiskey, soft brown muscovado sugar. To make this coffee, just boil the sugar in hot water until you get a sweet syrup, stir in a whiskey and coffee and give it a creamy look at the top.

irish famous coffee

9. Café Bombon, Spain

You don’t need any extra sugar when having a coffee in Spain, because it is made up of espresso and half sweetened condensed milk. One can use coconut milk to cut out the calories or give your coffee cup the amazing look you want.

Café Bombon, Spain coffee

10. Café Cubano, Cuba

The super strong coffee, made with extra dark coffee and a shot of sugar will give your day a fresh start. This Cuban coffee is a source of energy because dark roasted beans actually contain 15 to 20 percent less caffeine than the other coffees present. Take this coffee and reduce your every type of pain!

cuban coffee

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