After Orange Train and Metro Bus System, Lahoris Will Soon Enjoy The Ropeway Transport System & We Are Laughing

Our brains didn’t accept Orange Train and Metro Bus system in Lahore yet and life is going to give Lahoris a new surprise. It’s that yesterday, we got news that the ropeway transport system is coming soon in Lahore and we can travel in the city through cable cars. Yes, the aerial view is going to be the future of Lahore.

ropeway transport system in lahore

Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has already asked the feasibility report of the installation of this system. He announced that Lahore’s new ropeway transport system will be constructed soon and the project is in the planning stage.

shehbaz sharif to install ropeway transport system in lahore

According to the study, the three main routes in Lahore are currently facilitated. These are:

  • Imamia Colony to Railway Station
  • Jehangir Tomb to Greater Iqbal Park
  • Jalo Mor to Thokar Niaz Baig

Besides Lahore, another ropeway system is also being considered from Islamabad to Murree.

Well, people reacted to this news with mixed reactions, but most of them were laughing and many became angry. Because instead of these transport systems, we want something else.

Check out the discussion below. Seems very interesting. ROFL!

She is really very happy

aeriel view of lahore

Is it Showbazi?

shehbaz sharif new project

We need education and health Shehbaz Sharif!

new trasnport system in lahore

Blunder pe blunder by Punjab Govt. He said so!

new blunder of punjab government

Wow, he gave someone a perfect name, Rope Dancer!

chair lift in lahore pakistan

I think this is a total waste of money. There are many other ways of travelling in Lahore, then what’s the need of moving in air? What do you people think about it? Do you think it’s the best decision? Or is it the total wastage? Let us know in the comments below!

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