Life Of A Software Engineer

Being a programmer is not easy. You have to do a lot of brain storming for just a simple task, you don’t get to sleep and you don’t get to keep a social life. Here are a few funny things any programmer can relate to.

Task done without google

When you complete a task without the help of Google. Like A Boss.

helping from google

When script running

When you run your script after working several hours on it.

Script running in programing

When complex SQL query runs

When a big complex SQL query works on the very first try.Not bad!

 big complex SQL query

When you face a crash before presentation

When your project crashes a few minutes before the presentation and your world falls apart.


crashed project before presentation

Face when script works

When your script finally runs. Wait for it, wait for it…

final script

When they ask if you have tested

of courseee! what kinda question is that.

project testing

When the project manager enters the office

When you pretend that you are working, specially when the project manager enters the office.

Pretending to work when no work

Stupid Clients

When you have to deal with clients that don’t know anything and specially when they click on the mock ups. You are like “take me to Mars”.
Stupid Clients

High Demands of clients

When the clients asks you to create a social platform to compete with Facebook.’ YEAH YEAH, that’s it?’

High Demands of clients

Suggestions by Newbies

When a newbie suggests you to add a new feature to your project. ‘Talk to the Hand’

Suggestions by Newbies

Bug fixing

When you stay up whole night trying to fix a bug.

Bug fixing

When any wrong transaction is commited

When you updating a database and you accidentally delete the whole database.

Database deletion

Unfaithful code

When your code runs on Friday but does not run on Monday,

Unfaithful code in programming

When you forget to save code

When you close your IDE without saving the code.

When you forget to save

Long compilations

When you wait for long compilations, minutes feels like hours.


programmer waiting

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