List Of 7 Best Freelancing Websites To Find Jobs in 2017

As 2016 comes to a finishing point, you can easily see how many people are moving towards the freelancing work because they feel more contented being their own boss. It’s like the freedom one wants to discover more benefits by simply sitting in one place with a fine laptop. As the world is becoming more innovative, the flexible work through freelancing is the present and the future. With so many freelancers have evolved in the marketplace, several best freelancing websites have risen to provide a modernize platform.

Freelancing is the new trend nowadays. Rather than working under someone, freelancing jobs are giving you the opportunity to be your own boss. But to get this position, a right start is necessary, which is possible only when you go through the best freelancing websites to find jobs in 2017. So start it today and showcase your skills!

1. Upwork

The top and one of the best freelancing websites is Upwork with over 1.5 million clients. It is a merged form of Elance and oDesk, happened in 2014. With millions of registered users and jobs, Upwork offers you everything you want legally. You can get short and long term projects here, that can be paid per project or hourly. The writers, designers, architects, developers, photographers, in short, job in every field is available on this website.

best freelancing websites upwork

2. Toptal

Just like Upwork, Toptal is also one of the reliable and best freelancing websites present for job seekers. This website allows the freelance designers and developers to join one another from more than 90 countries. Once accepted, you will join an elite community of professionals with the other 3 percent of talent in several categories. Moreover, you can work with top companies here like IDEO, JP Morgan and AirBnB.

toptal website to search jobs

3. 99Designs

If you are a designer, then 99Designs best freelancing website for designers gives you the platform. Rather than checking freelancer profiles, clients crowdsource their projects by setting a budget and next they give instructions to the desired freelancer. According to the client’s brief details, freelancer submit their work and the more efficient designer gets the payment. If you are great enough to let the clients test your talent, 99Designs website is the one.

99designs freelancing

4. PeoplePerHour

Just like Upwork, PeoplePerHour is the freelancing website for all the skills associated with software engineers, digital designers, web projects, marketers, writers, architects, SEO specialists and other professionals. You can search jobs, according to your skills by sending free 15 proposals for work before signing up for the premium plan. So this website aims to be a one-stop shop.

best website for home based job

5. FlexJobs

To get the best and flexible jobs, safely and easily, FlexJobs is the job service for you. Here, freelancers themselves pay for the platform and in return, this website gives you a list of jobs under 30,000 in number. Then you can apply to the jobs through the contact information provided by FlexJobs. Not only this, this also provides you opportunity of skill testing, special members-only discounts and job search tips. It’s safe, easy and legit!

flexjobs in pakistan

6. Guru

Today, the reliable freelancing website has 1.5 million freelancers, where people can manage their work easily. To get any work done, clients look through the portfolios of freelancers, especially their previous earnings and reviews. It shows whether freelancer has the required skills and experience or not. On the other hand, freelancers can get the idea about the client by looking at how much they have spent on any freelancer in the past. This ‘two sided show’ makes both the parties confident about each other through ‘Guru’.

guru home based jobs

7. Freelancer

If you are confident about your skills and expertise, then this freelancing website is the great opportunity to search jobs. Put your name, expertise and job profile, and you will get numbers of jobs under one platform. It has more than 11 million users and over 6 million projects waiting for you. So rush to your laptop and show your skills to others!
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