Married Life: Expectations Vs Reality

Weddings are a big deal, but no one knows exactly how to tackle it. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you have always thought about your wedding day your whole life. The wonderful dresses, the beautiful venue, bundle of roses, romantic photography and most importantly, marrying to your loved one. Both the men and women think about their wedding, but I guess the entire thing do revolve around the bride. When you were a girl, you started thinking about your wedding day and your groom. You start planning of your dream wedding at six or seven years old, but nothing happens on the big day, because the day becomes only important for the guests there.

You were excited to start a new and lovely chapter of your life and you always fantasized about a loving partner and then, on becoming a mother one day. You always have high hopes for your future life after marriage and always tries to make it happen just the way you think.

Married life is not like what we see in the Bollywood movies. When you are engaged you imagine about all the stuff you’d with your partner. Married life is not about only rainbows and butterflies, it is about compromise and understanding each other and it is definitely not a bed of roses. Things are, not how they seem to be.

Married life – Expectation # 1

We will go on long and exotic vacations and our marriage life is going to be exciting. We will stay romantic to keep the fire burning.

Married Life – Reality

No, you are not going to have this pleasure. The honeymoon is the one time you will go on an exotic vacation. The first few years of marriage, you will be busy with your jobs. Then you will have kids, who will have school and academies and then you will grow old. You have always thought of this day before your marriage that you are surely going to enjoy the rosy days with your husband, but one should admit that IMAGINATIONS don’t have any limits.

Expectation # 2

We are going to spend all the time together. You spend hours, months and years talking with each other before marriage and you just can’t wait for your wedding day and the days after the wedding. You just feel out of the world.


Did you always think about the evergreen love? If, yes then you should start thinking about the love that has dried out, because no matter you love each other so much, the truth is, you don’t have enough time to display it. Today, husband and wife have to do a job to run the house. It is not a possible for a single man to run the house. So you will just get the weekends off, in which you are going to sleep half of the time. You can no longer afford to live freely because of too many responsibilities. Now, your concentration has shifted from lovemaking to live up to your family duties. Moreover, sometimes all these responsibilities make you dull, frustrated and unloved.

Expectation # 3

We will divide up house chores.


The woman is going to do all the work alone and no, the husband won’t help even a little. The woman is going to work the whole day, then the house chores and will take care of the babies too. To add some burden, the man is going to order her to do his stuff too.

Expectation # 4

We will love each other forever and we will never fight. We will have arguments, but it will be very sweet and romantic. We will apologize when we were in the wrong way and accept the apology as there will be not any bitterness in our interaction.


After marriage, there will be nothing common between the two. Two people living together all the time, sharing everything with each other get bored of each other. That is nature. You cannot give anyone a lot of time, you need personal space. Everybody has a different nature and this causes fight, which leads to decreasing love. Now, you don’t want to adjust to his/her minor faults and tend to become more complaining and accusing all the time. That’s your marriage life and you never apologize as you always think that you are damn right. You are like, I will not talk to him/her ever again.

Expectation # 5

I will treat his family as my own and I will always be supportive.


After marriage, you’re like: I just don’t care at all. You don’t bother, what your spouse feels now. Only your own parents are your parents. No matter what, you cannot feel the same for your parents in law as you feel for your own parents and you will never treat your spouse’s siblings as your own. You aren’t supportive or protective anymore.

Well, everybody lives up to some expectations and the way reality comes out after the marriage, but it somehow makes me smile every time I think about being single or getting married. Every life is beautiful!

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