Married Life: Expectations Vs Reality

Married Life is not like what we see in the Bollywood movies. When you are engaged you imagine about all the stuff you’d with your partner. Married life is not about only rainbows and butterflies, it is about compromise and understanding each other and it is definitely not a bed of roses. Things are, not how they seem to be.

Married life – Expectation # 1

We will go on long and exotic vacations.

married life expectations

Married Life – Reality

No, you are not going to have this pleasure. The honeymoon is the one time you will go on an exotic vacation. The first few years of marriage, you will be busy with your jobs. Then you will have kids, who will have school and academies and then you will grow old.

no time for vacations

Expectation # 2

We are going to spend all the time together.

expectations for couple to spend time together


Today, husband and wife have to do a job to run the house. It is not a possible for a single man to run the house. So you will just get the weekends off, in which you are going to sleep half of the time.

married life reality for couple

Expectation # 3

We will divide up house chores.

expectations to divide home tasks


The woman is going to do all the work alone and no, the husband won’t help even a little. The woman is going to work the whole day, then the house chores and will take care of the babies too. To add some burden, the man is going to order her to do his stuff too.

reality to work alone

Expectation # 4

We will love each other forever and we will never fight.

expectation of couple loving


Two people living together all the time, sharing everything with each other get bored of each other. That is nature. You cannot give anyone a lot of time, you need personal space. Everybody has a different nature and this causes fight, which leads to decreasing love.

couple fighting in reality

Expectation # 5

I will treat his family as my own.

expectation to live happily with family


Only your own parents are your parents. No matter what, you cannot feel the same for your parents in law as you feel for your own parents and you will never treat your spouse’s siblings as your own.

no love for in laws

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