McDonald’s Mast Mutton Burger Has Launched To Make You Feel Full Desi

What’s more satisfying than the Desi meal you eat living in Pakistan? McDonald’s Mast Mutton Burger is the proof. This is one of the most desi-est burger you can eat. The Mast Mutton Burger is the first desi launch of McDonald’s Pakistan. They have used desi sauces like Tandoori sauce and our most favorite Mint sauce.

mutton burger from McDonald's

It’s 100% perfect burger for Pakistanis so say goodbye to ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and other vadeshi stuff.

Pakistan is lovin’ it! Check out what McDonald’s Pakistan wants to deliver through this Mast Mutton Burger.

McDonald’s Mast Mutton Burger has two mast twists. Choose to feast on juicy mutton patty with either tandoori sauce or mint chutney accompanies by fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and oozing cheddar cheese served in a sesame seeded buns. You can get this burger in Rs 395 without a meal. Isn’t it so delicious?

McDonald's Mast Mutton Burger

If you are a pure Desi, then this McDonald’s Mast Mutton Burger is a best treat for you. McDonald’s always gives you such experimental menu items, just like this mutton burger. So it’s a limited edition. Get it, it’s not too late.

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