After Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Meera Jee Took A Dig At Donald Trump And It’s Really Hilarious

Meera Jee is on a roll. She is a woman of many talents. She can do anything and known as one of the most entertaining people in our Pakistan. Like every other person, Meera has shown her concern on load shedding and recently lost her cool on Twitter by trolling Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif. This wasn’t enough for her so she decided to entertain us for all the right reasons. Yes, Meera Jee took a dig at Donald Trump and we can’t control our laugh.

meera irtaza gifs

The reason why is she tweeting is her fluent English because she is reading a lot of books these days.

meera jee tweets

See what she did… Called Maryam a Baji and Nawaz Sharif a butcher. Oops!

meera called nawaz sharif a butcher

And this also!

meera on twitter

Now, she taught us how to reach to another level by toppling the leader of biggest superpower. And you know what, Meera Jee took a dig at Donald Trump in her latest tweet. Trump Tweeted about his meeting with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and how Saudia cut off ties with Qatar a week after the meeting. So in short, he just did in which he is the best. BAKWAS!

meera jee took a dig at donald trump

donald trump tweet on qatar

Meera Jee then decided to tell him something very real. Yes, it’s true.

the meera jee tweet on donald trump

Hahahaha… It wasn’t enough, she has more stuff to throw at Trump Uncle.

meera is the queen of twitter

Well, we can see Meera has been very active on social media over the past couple of days and everyone is happy with her as she is showing everyone what’s wrong in the system. And on the top we can’t forget how she called Nawaz Uncle a butcher. ROFL!

See it again! Lol butcher really? Maza Aageya…

meera called nawaz sharif a butcher

We are waiting for another tweet Meera Jee!

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