This Mother’s Day, Make Mom Feel Special With Foodpanda’s Latest Campaign

Have you ever wondered, what bond you share with your mother? How much she sacrifices for you? Well, there’s no one like her. She is the real reason why you are in comfort and peace. Our mother’s efforts are countless and we can’t pay her back, but all we can do is to appreciate our mother this Mother’s Day by giving her beautiful gifts to make her smile. Although every day is mother’s day, but on this special day, it’s time to celebrate the purest relationship and Foodpanda has managed to make it memorable with its #MakeMomFeelSpecial campaign. Make Mom Feel Special promotes the heartwarming moments between mother and child through a cherishing video.

make mom feel special on this mothers day

Source: Youtube


The video shows the life of a struggling writer who is in need of an inspirational story. Writing day and night, he fails to make his story a super one that could hit upon the audience. By looking up to his father’s picture, he thought of him as a mentor to help him identify what’s missing in him. But then, he realized what is actually missing and in this way he finds his super story.

Foodpanda has enlightened everyone that nothing is more special and super than a mom’s life. It’s the most inspiring story ever, because every mother is selfless and determined. Make Mom Feel Special on this mother’s day with Foodpanda deals full of, love, desserts and complimentary gifts for every mother out there. These gifts are from Olper’s Cream and Olay. So when you ordered from selected restaurants on May 13th and 14th, you will get bundles of discounts up to 30%.

mothers day special ad by foodpanda

Source: Youtube

The Foodpanda restaurant partners for this beautiful mother’s day campaign are Pantry, Ginsoy, Vintage, Del Frio, Kababjees, Sweet Affairs, Arcadian, Masoom’s, Veranda, Gun Smoke, Tuscany, Cannoli, Shakespeare Lounge and many more.

So don’t wait to show your ultimate love to your mom! Because Foodpanda will really take care to #MakeMomFeelSpecial.

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