Top 8 Moutwatering Turkish Foods You Must Try

Filling your belly with the mouthwatering Turkish Foods is like a dream comes true. Eating there is easy, but finding an impressive place to eat is not so simple, especially for one who have not visited Turkey ever. Turkish cuisine is world renowned, which will urge you to forget about the international food. From home cooked food to kebabs on the streets, there is the joy of trying everywhere. Turkish foods are cheaper and delicious and one must say there are factually hundreds of dishes to try.

So book your tickets to Turkey and enjoy the ride for mouthwatering Turkish foods.

1. Menemen

The classic food, just perfect for summer and known as one of the favorite breakfasts in Turkey is Menemen. It’s a traditional Turkish dish for breakfast, scrambled eggs cooked in sautéed vegetables and served hot with bread. So fast and easy to prepare!

menemen turkish foods

2. Kofte

These are Turkish meat balls. You can eat them with a tomato sauce or also in a sandwich as a patty. You can find them almost in every restaurant of Turkey as it is the delicious and the cheapest one. Also place salads and yogurt and you will get a perfect dish ever.

turkish kofte3. Simit

One of the most famous Turkish foods are Simit, and people eat a Simit almost every morning for breakfast. Simit lies between a pretzel and a bagel and it’s one of the cheapest snacks you can find on the streets. The circular bread, coated with sesame seeds and you can eat them as it is or with jam, cream cheese. The best way to have it is to eat with Nutella. Yes, the best treat ever!

turkish food simit

4. Iskender Kebab

If you go to Turkey, don’t dare to leave it without having some delicious Iskender Kebab, a popular dish in the Northwest. The lamb piece, which is served with the tomato sauce over pieces of traditional Turkish bread. Eat it with some yogurt!

iskender kebab istanbul

5. Baklava

Everyone is aware of the famous sweet dish of Turkey, Baklawa. It’s rich, sweet and mouthwatering dish to eat. It consists of layers of blistering pastry with the finely chopped nuts and joined together with the syrup. For more scrumptious taste, eat it fresh.

turkish baklava6. Gozleme

Gozleme is a traditional Turkish dish, made up of hand rolled leaves of yukfa dough. It’s possibly the easiest fast foods to find anywhere in Turkey. You can have a variety of fillings in this dish, like cheese, meat, potatoes or vegetables, then is sealed and cooked over a grill. Trust me, you won’t regret eating this Turkish food.

turkish food gozleme

7. Dondurma

There are many ice creams in the world that looks alike and tastes alike, but one thing through which we can differentiate is texture. Yes, I am talking about Dondurma, the Turkish ice cream. The ingredients used to make it resist this ice cream to melt. Ice cream along with sellers, who will appeal you to eat this treat is just amazing.

turkish famous ice cream cone

8. Şiş Dürüm

It’s a barbecued meat wrap, that you can find in the streets of Turkey. You can enjoy this wrap with the filling of chicken, meat, beef or the one you want. The perfect takeaway food, Durum gives you the real taste of Turkey.

sis durum turkish food

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