Muslim MasterChef Fights Islamophobia By Inviting Strangers Over For Dinner, One Dinner At A Time

A Muslim MasterChef fights Islamophobia by inviting strangers over for dinner. The Muslim-Michigan based social worker and blogger named as Amanda Saab is a 28-year-old, who is using food to help people understand her religion and faith, Islam. She knows that her generous nature can bring people together despite all the hatred and she named this dinner as “Dinner With Your Mulsim Neighbour”.

amanda saab female hijabi masterchef

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Amanda Saab was the first Muslim female hijabi chef to appear on an American cooking show MasterChef. In an interview, she said, “As with any profession, Muslim women wearing hijab can be faced with ignorance. In my experience, many stereotypes have been quickly dispelled as people get to know me. I believe my presence in the culinary world is breaking stereotypes that Muslim women are oppressed and cannot follow their passions.”

Muslim MasterChef Fights Islamophobia

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Muslim MasterChef fights Islamophobia by inviting guests to her home for over a year so that she can have an open conversation with them along with dinner about what it’s like to be Muslim in America today. Being an amazing cook, she serves fresh, delicious and home-cooked meal.

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The idea of “Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbour” came to her mind, while watching the news. Saab felt that Islam is not, what others are portraying it. She always felt that there is a lack of knowledge about what is Islam.

She also sensed deeply,

“Have I played a part in that? Have I not reached out to people and given them an opportunity to meet me?”

After that, she decided to welcome people in her life who may have questions about Islam.

dinner with your muslim neighbour

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Saab is not alone in this campaign, she did everything with the support of her husband, Hussein Saab. They decided to try inviting a small group of their colleagues, friends for the dinner and then some strangers to their house. They had their first meal in January, 2016 in their old home in Seattle, Washington. After this, they moved to Detroit, Michigan to further spread their thoughts and beautiful idea.

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Saab has also taken the event to universities. They are hoping that other Muslims across the US will use this one dinner at a time technique to spread positivity about Islam.

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