8 Nastiest Desi Parents Fears That Make Us Feel Saying BUS BHI KARO

Our Desi parents are so strange who have one ultimate goal in their life; to stare what their children are doing. Whether they are living in any area, they can do anything to make sure that their children are on the right path. Are you in the teenage or have crossed the 30’s? Don’t feel relaxed because your Desi mother will not leave her habit to put her eye on you. This time we have taken some 8 nastiest Desi Parents Fears that make us feel saying “BUS BHI KARO”.

1. Desi Parents Fears – Their children has definitely some liberal friends who are teaching them some wrong stuff so better to stay away from them.

desi parents fears

2. When you are smiling at the phone or using phone late night, this time their reaction will be “Kis ke sath chakkar chal raha hai?”

fear of desi parents

3. When you talk about any liberal and modern traditions, they will blow at you by saying “Apni auqaat ma raho”, because according to them when their children adopt some classy traditions it means they are going away from their hands.

fear of modern traditions

4. When their children said that they are not ready for marriage yet, for them it means that “Zaroor love marriage karni hogi is ne”.

love marriage phobia for parents

5. The scary fear when you Desi Parents smell something weird from your clothes, they are just like “Tum ne cigarette p hai”.

ultimate smoking fear

6. Shaadi ki umar nikli jaa rae hai is another fear, especially in the case of girls.

desi parents stuff

7. When you say something wrong to your parents or abuse anyone in a slang language, they will prove that you watch gandi movies.

fear of using slang words

8. That fear when your parents see you taking strange pictures and selfies, this time their words will directly make you too weird like “Kis peyo ko bhejni hain yeh tasveeren”?

nastiest fear of desi parents

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