#NekiEkIbadat: This New Ramzan Video Ad Will Definitely Urge You To Do A Neki Right Now

Get ready to do a Neki in the holy month of Ramadan. Take bad deeds out of you and focus on good ones to be a good Muslim. At least for this beautiful month. Ramadan is a spiritual time for a test of patience, where people focus on charity, fasting, prayer and improving the inner soul by helping the people all the time. We just want to sleep all the day and night, especially in suhoor, because it’s so challenging to wake up when we are super sleepy. It’s difficult for us, but the cute child in the new Ramzan video ad has just done it by jumping out of the bed to help people around in the best possible way. This is the new Surf Excel ad, where the selfless act of little Shahid will make you appreciate the true spirit of Ramazan.

surf excel ramadan ad

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Look at him!

ramzan new video ad

His love for roza

surf excel new ramzan video ad

And he doesn’t care about anything. Only to help people around…

surf excel new ad daagh toh ache hote hain

He is just love

ramzan mubarik new ad

Neki Ik Ibadat!

neki ik ibadat

Because Daagh Toh Ache Hote Hain

new ramadan ad 2017

Ramzan doesn’t teach us about fasting only, instead it’s about to care for others, no matter what your age is. Don’t care about money, time, place, clothes, because Allah will give you reward for every single action.

People are really loving this ad and this makes everyone super emotional because a single and small deed could teach us so much. Like many things! So this Ramadan Kareem, be kind to everyone, our friends, family, servants, neighbors, even a single person you see on the streets.

Welcome them in your home and make them part of your iftaar!

Take a look at the new Ramzan video ad!

Let’s decide to learn something from Shahid without complaining about being thirsty or hungry.

So are you ready to take a #NekiEkIbadat lesson this Ramadan?

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