7 New Desi Relations You Will Make After Entering Your Shohar Ke Ghar

Are you single or ready to mingle? For this, you have to make sure what type of Khandaan you are entering in just like it includes only the husband or the whole family like “Hum Sath Sath Hain”. Everyone wished to enter the new home just like the fairy tale, especially all the girls, but with the marriage New Desi Relations are waiting for you in your sasural.

Here we have collected 7 new desi relations for you that you will automatically make after you enter your *shohar ke ghar*.

1. New Desi Relations – The Ultimate Hitler Saasu Maa!

The captain of the house is none other than your mother-in-law, who rules over your home and your life too. She is expert to arrange everything according to her without any argument and consent. If you want to become the real daughter instead of bahu, always try to do what your saasu maa wants.

new desi relations after marriage

2. The Sweet Sasur!

This relation will treat you sincerely just like your real father, who will help you out in each and every matter. Moreover, this category is also in the fear of so called mother in law.

father in law relation

3. The Experienced Bhabhi!

To convert you from the outsider to the insider family member, this relation will help you out. She already knows the likes and dislikes of every member in the family and the most amazing thing is she is the one who knows the secret favorite dishes of everyone.

experieced bhabhi relation

4. The Cool Devar!

The relation of devar bhabhi is utmost the super amazing. Known as the cool dude, he will entertain you every moment and the one who will praise you and your all the stuff.

brother in law relation after marriage

5. The Kisi-Ko-Nahin-Chahye Nanad!

In our Desi family, no one wants the relationship like sister-in-law, because you know that she is the most favorite member of the house especially when she is single. On the other hand, some nanads will make you feel like your real friend so you can do shopping and hang out with this relation.

irritating sister in law

6. The One Who Will Call You Chachi!

Your bhabhi’s children will be your most favorite one and they will love you too. They will force you to play with them, even to sleep with them. This is really the sweet relationship!

new desi relations after marriage

7. Your Husband’s Phupphi!

As the name suggests, no one wants this relationship, especially in our Desi family. This character will make sure to not praise you ever because for her, “Bus theek hi hai dulhan”.

your husbands phuppi

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