This New Ice Cream Meseum In Los Angeles Is All Your Childhood Dreams

Did you ever dream of enjoying endless scoops of ice cream or bathing in chocolate sprinkles as a kid? If not, then you can make your dream true by visiting this Ice Cream Meseum in Los Angeles. Lots of ice cream tubs, human sized gummy bears, giant chocolates, and yes sweet and yumlicious stuff everywhere in this ice cream museum.

ice cream museum in Los Angeles

It’s like your childhood dreams have come true. Walking through the museum is definitely like stepping inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Everywhere you turned into Ice Cream Meseum in Los Angeles, you will see the amazing décor that’ll urge you to take a picture in front of it and ice cream screaming for you to gobble it. Located in the Los Angeles, this museum is a giant pink warehouse with 10 different rooms, each contains innovative theme and better samples.

museum of ice cream

Make sure not to lick the walls!

Scratch and Sniff Wall

The scratching banana stickers are lined the holographic wall with fruity and waffled cone scents.

scratch and sniff wall in ice cream museum

Lolli Swimwear Quote

This wall is by far the cutest one in the whole ice cream museum. Look yourself!

ice cream museum

Giant Melting Popsicles

It’s an amazing experience to get surrounded by huge melting popsicles. Did you wish to eat them all? Ummm melting!

popsicles in ice cream musuem

Meet the Giant Gummy Bears

So colorful and cute! Want to stay here for the rest of your life?

giant gummy bears in LA

Pool of Sprinkles

It’s the most colorful pool one wants to dive into. Too much sprinkles though!

pool of sprinkles

Wait and drool over the more pictures of this delicious ice cream museum.

Ice cream cones or lights?

ice cream museum in Los Angeles

The very yummy ice cream swing. Want to sit?

ice cream swing in museum

How colorful it is!

new ice cream museum in LA

The museum’s previous pop-up location in New York sold out within five days and attracted a 200,000-strong waiting list—so better get booking if you want to experience this ice cream heaven!


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