This New Picture Of Sleeping Baby Joey Proves That She Is Really A Cutest Instagram Trendsetter

Parenting is really not an easy task. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and experiences and especially the tough times you face for catching up on some sleep. This is not the case for one Los Angeles mom, because she has something very innovative to do rather than sleep. Photographer mum Laura Izumikawa plays dress-up, while her baby sleeps. She knows her photography skills would come in handy and made her Sleeping Baby Joey the most adorable Instagram icon.

Meet beautiful mommy Laura and her AWWWDORABLE sleeping baby Joey

istagram mother laura with her daughter joey

Source: @lauraiz Via: Instagram

The mother Izumikawa shared,  “I would end up just staring at her face all day and night because I was just so in love. Because Joey slept so deeply, I thought it’d be fun adding little props on her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents. It was a way to memorialize her growth and little milestones.”

She also said,

“I hope that these photos and videos will make people smile and also remind parents to have fun with their kids and not get too caught up in the seriousness of parenting.”

Beautiful Joey as Master Chef

beautiful joey as masterchef

Source: @lauraiz Via: Instagram

And Joey is enjoying her spa treatment

sleeping joey during spa treatment

Source: @lauraiz Via: Instagram

What about this? Simply cute!

the adorable baby on instagram

Source: @lauraiz Via: Instagram

Laura and Joy have 558k followers on Instagram. There are a variety of pictures of little sleeping baby Joey in mesmerizing costumes, from the Disney Princesses to music artists. These all are adorable, but I am personally drooling over her latest picture in Pakistani costume.

Recently, Laura started sharing pictures of her daughter in cultural outfits and people from all over the world are sending this little lady beautiful outfits and props to showcase their culture.

It’s known as #JoeyWorldProject

Meet Joey all the way from Morocco

little joey from morocco

Joey loves Spain

joey shoot in spain dress

The gorgeous lady from Albania

dress from albania

And everyone’s favorite, Joey in Pakistani attire. Shalwar Kameez, Dupatta, Gold Teeka, Kolha Puri and the Pakistani flag made this adorable child a star.

sleeping baby joey from pakistan

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