New Year Resolutions That Desi People Make Only To Waste

Have you ever thought to list down the ‘ New Year Resolutions ’ just for the sake of writing? Probably yes! This task is the most favorite hobby of Desi people who just pretend that they are very determined, but they don’t follow any resolution ever.

According to the research, only 8% people out of 40% are able to fulfill the resolutions they made and they kept on saying:

“This 2016 my resolution is to complete the resolution of 2015 that I should have completed in 2014.”

So for 2016, here is the list of some common planned resolutions that people don’t actually keep.

1. Will start the tight gym to remove belly fat.

gym time

2. Let’s go to the Turkey for 1 week, but the result will be “YAAR PESE NAHIN DE RAHE ABBU”.

no money

3. I will search for my true love this year.

true love

4. It’s time to improve my grades so that I can go to abroad for higher education, but as usual NAKAMMA PAN.


5. To improve my cooking skills otherwise “ SASURAL MA TAANE”


6. Smoking is injurious to health so from next year, NO CIGGERATE.

get rid off smoking

7. There will be no beauty blunders from now, so I will work on my physical appearance.

good physical appearance

8. Healthy foods will be the next target. HYGIENIC, HYGIENIC, HYGIENIC – MEANING PLEASE!

eat healthy food

9. There should be some savings each month, so be a good SAVER in 2016.

save money

10. It’s time to arrange some wedding functions, perhaps I should get married!

marry in 2016

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