12 Reasons Why There Is No Comparison Of Pakistani AALOO In Our Life

Pakistani Aaloo or you can simply say Aaloo (Potato) is one of the most amazing and finest things in our life. Everyone knows the importance of this veggie when you don’t have anything to eat. The chicken, meat, beef or even the food from five star restaurants cannot give us the taste that simply this round or sometimes elusive shaped potato can do so.

Home alone and nothing to eat? Don’t worry, you can make lots of delicious stuff with this Aaloo and trust me this will be far better than the expensive cuisine. The french fries, potato wedges, cheesy potatoes, egg potato, baked potato, spicy and crispy potatoes & lots of varieties are there for a true potato lover. So let’s move forward to the reasons why there is no comparison of Pakistani Aaloo in our life. I mean to say in our Desi life!

1. Your first priority in the cooking is potatoes because these are the easiest one to cook.

cooking potatoes

2. You always prefer to cook potatoes when no stuff is available.

pakistani aaloo

3. You can eat Pakistani Aaloo at any time because these are the source of your joy.

potato source of joy

4. You don’t think much about what to eat at midnight, because fries are your favorite one.

eating french fries

5. When someone says that aaloo will make you fat, so stop eating too much potatoes.

when someone hates potatoes

6. And that person who is your “Aaloo Partner”… You love him/her.

aaloo partner

7. When people say, potatoes have become expensive. That crushed feeling!

expensive potatoes

8. You can make any dish out of the potatoes.

potato dishes

9. You prefer Pakistani potatoes over your relationship.

love potatoes more than people

10. No one can hide the potatoes from you because you can sniff like a dog to get some Pakistani Aaloo.

smelling potato

11. Sometimes people call you insane because you eat too many potatoes.

potato lover

12. You love to rush to OPTP when you want some different taste in potatoes.

optp fries

So are you a potato lover too?

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